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Neom Real Luxury Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood Candle

It's something about Autumn and candles that gel together so brilliantly isn't it? It's as if the inventor created them with this cosy season in mind. Especially during Halloween time, snugly movie nights, enjoying a warm hot chocolate and so on makes it mandatory to light up a candle to enhance the atmosphere.

The Real Luxury scent is quite calming and romantic at the same time. It's sweet, fresh and a tad bit powdery. It has that 'clean' feel to it without compromising on the comforting feeling. Somehow it manages to inject in a dash of Summer in the air too. As for notes, I can smell a lot of Jasmine, a little bit of Brazilian Rosewood and hardly any Lavender at all. This in my opinion is how all Lavender based scents should be. I mean I know Lavender is a popular scent, but I like how Neom doesn't just bag on it solely and rather incorporates it uniquely into its scents.

This particular one is their Home Scent Candle with three wicks. If you have never owned one before, let me tell that you that it's worth saving up for it. Instead of buying those gimmicky high street candles, do yourself a favour and invest in this one as it will last you, literally ages. It's also full value for money in the sense that you don't have to try and detect a scent like you have to with other 'scented candles'. You burn it and voila, it's there filling every nook and corner of the room in minutes. And the best part it, the scent lingers even after you put out the candle.

Overall, this particular scent is quite versatile in my opinion. You cant slot it neatly into a category but rather explore it based on your preference. It's romantic, relaxing, comforting, soothing, fresh and reviving - all at the same time. Would make a stunning Christmas present!

Beauty Frontline said...

Sounds great, would love to try it!!

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Unknown said...

I haven't had a Neom Candle in ages! Must get one.

Jo @ Beautylicious Love

Unknown said...

I have never tried anything from NEOM but I so want to try their candles. They always get such lovely reviews & I can just imagine them smelling luxurious.




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