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Guinot Facial Treatments in London

Apparently only 12 salons and spas in London & Essex provide Guinot Facials which are increasingly become popular amidst celebrities and always have been a staple amongst supermodels, just before a fashion show. Guinot is a French skincare brand which was introduced by the son of a cosmetic surgeon whose vision of beauty was not scalpels and skin invasion. He thought glowing, youthful skin could be achieved otherwise as well and hence with his high calibre scientific degree and a doctorate he introduced Guinot Facial Treatments.

Have a peek at the video below to get a good idea of what the treatment's about. Yes I know it's in French and I don't understand anything but what's important is that the relaxing techniques put me to sleep - just watching it.

What makes the Facial apparently incomparable to slapping on lotions and potions on your face is their use of electronic currents in the treatments. Mild ones of course that don't harm the skin and don't even let you feel a tingle, allowing you to relax in your treatment. But what they do is activate the skincare, help it penetrate deep down, re-educate skin cells, deep cleanse and firm the contours.

Now Guinot Facials are of course geared differently for various skin types but what I find them superb for is anti-ageing and lifting the skin. I feel the electronic gadgets used in the facial work harder than a therapists hand at lifting, firming and tightening. The electronic moves are paired with hand movements for a traditional facial feel but I feel the rollers work better at lymph drainage around the eyes and jawline in particular.

With 40 years of global approval and a huge celebrity fan following, it's quite amazing that's it available more and more in London now. Priced around £50 to £60, it seems reasonable enough to indulge in once every few months, especially if you have mature, lustre lacking skin.




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