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Neom Perfect Night Sleep Kit

If you have trouble sleeping, you'll love this Perfect Night Sleep Kit by Neom which is discounted on their website for the month of September from £74.50 to £55! It contains all Lavender based products including a Candle, Bath Foam and Pillow Mist. The ones I have here are travel sized but just so I can get gist of it but when bought from the website, they will be generous full sizes.

I quite like the little sleep inducing kit they've come up with here. Just the right ingredients you need - a relaxing bath foam, a stress relieving candle to burn in the bedroom while reading before you sleep and an indulgent pillow mist that adds an extra kick to the entire relaxing aura. Simply perfect for you insomniacs, workaholics, anxiety sufferers and plain old night owls!

I recently red that depriving your body and mind of sleep is pretty much equal to starving it off food. It can have a similar effect on your body and seriously disrupt its normal functioning, so if products like these can help you snooze a little longer, its fabulous isn't it.

I don't personally find the scent of these products overpowering so if you're not a fan of Lavender, I'd suggest you still give it a try as it's more relaxing than smoky. I love how it's blended so well with Jasmine and Sweet Basil giving it that edge and adding character to the products.

My ultimate favourite is the Pillow Mist. It's unique and I haven't come across many in stores which makes me love it even more. It doesn't trigger my allergies or make me sneeze at all which is great for those with sensitive noses. It also doesn't stain pillows or bedsheets and is a great compliment to the candle. I like to spritz some in the room so I can smell it in the air before spraying it on the pillow. If you're not planning to purchase the kit, this is one thing I highly recommend you try.

To celebrate the launch of the Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Campaign, NEOM Luxury Organics has teamed up with like-minded premium companies such as Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, Abaca, The Wool Room, The Fine Cotton Company, Hush, Amelia Freer Nutritionist and Pukka to launch a very special competition to win a deluxe package worth over £2,000, all geared towards giving you the Perfect Night’s Sleep. To enter the competition, visit http://www.neomorganics.com/sleepcomp.html.

Diana said...

I never hears or tried anything from this brand, but looks really nice!
Please take care, have a nice day!*


Shruti Bapat said...

Woweee that's quite a haul :) Neom sounds so lush but soooo expensive. I have one of their candles which I am saving for a special occasion.. :)


Gauri said...

That sounds amazing!!!
We don't have Neom in India. So sad :(
Please take care, have a nice day!!!





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