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Body Wrap: Detox Inch Loss Treatment

Have you heard about this inch loss treatment that has actually been in the industry since a few years now. It's not new at all but for some reason I haven't heard very much about it.

After doing a little bit of research on the topic, I felt it was worth raving about as it has quickly reached the top of my wish list of  beauty treatments. What it is is basically a form of a body massage cum exfoliating treatment where a relaxing and exfoliating concoction of sea weed is applied all over the body after which the body is wrapped up in bandages while you relax. 

The tight bandage wrap helps at getting rid of water retention, contouring flabby areas, smooth out dimply areas on the thighs for instance and dissolve hard to budge fat deposits.

The Body Wrap treatment also aids in evening out skin tone and making it appear plump and supple. Apparently it's even meant to give your lymphatic system a boost by aiding in lymphatic drainage and getting rid of any toxins. 

You feel lighter and more energised along with seeing visible inch loss, albeit temporarily. It's not a long term treatment of course. There is no short cut to looking fitter and loosing weight. The Body Wrap treatment however is there to help give you that final push for hard to melt areas of the body, which might just appear bloated and puffy due to water retention. 

Once or twice a month of the treatment is recommended if you are on a mission to shred those extra inches on your body via a rigorous exercise routine and a strict clean eating diet. 

I feel it's a great one before going to a beach holiday, prior to a wedding or any special occasion where you need to fit into a body hugging dress or simply for the sluggish ones amongst us who need to give their metabolism a kick on the butt. 




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