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What do we think about Botox Injections?

A lot has already been spoken, written, debated and documented about Botox so I'm not here to stir up a heated debate but to simply put into words my thoughts about Botox Injections and perhaps a civilised discussion on the matter.

Also, if any of you have tried the procedure before do let me know how it went and if you were pleased with the results or not. What I still do not get about Botox Injections is the controversy, stigma and taboo surrounding it especially when celebrities bite the bullet and opt for the wrinkle reducing treatment. It's a little ignorant that people today would still judge someone based on their choice to look better, celebrity or not.

Did you know Botox was originally used to treat squinting, headaches and other such medical conditions after which it was discovered as a cosmetic tool decades later. So if you think about it, Botox for non invasive face lifts is only quite new but did you also know that's it's FDA approved so there's actually no real harm in carrying out the procedure besides the obvious and quickly subsiding side effects? It's quite amazing how safe it is once you read up about it and is actually completed under 20 minutes with no obvious tell tale signs that would prevent you from continuing with your typical day.

Now I am 25 and in no mood to get myself a jab on the forehead any time soon. But I wouldn't say never. It's something I would keep at the back of my mind and consider in my 40's for sure. My mum's recently been obsessed or shall I say possessed with the idea of getting a Botox treatment done. It's funny because she has quite plump skin for a 50 year old women but somehow still manages to scrutinise and pick out folds and creases that she'd like to smooth out.

Oh yes, only for one thing would I agree with her on Botox Injections, the dreaded line between the brows. She's such an up-beat positive person but it's unbelievable how cruel, annoyed and unfriendly she appears to strangers who wouldn't know that she cant help but cringe unconsciously.

If you're like her and end up 'taping' your forehead while you sleep to prevent unnecessary cringing and scowling, Botox would be a pain-free alternative to a surgical face lift in my opinion. Shoot out your thoughts below!

Beauty Frontline said...

That's really interesting!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

D and F Features said...

I like the post you have done, it puts Botox into a light I hadn't thought of before. I am 39 and have no interest in getting it done, but on the other hand a member of my staff in an old job had it done, and he was over the moon with it. Seeing what it did for his self esteem and confidence was second to none.

Personally, I think if you are getting it done because you WANT it done rather than you THINK you should be having it done then I am all for a person doing it.

Botox doesn't scare me, it is the lip fillers that do.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for looking good as I age but I think when you start putting needles full of goo unnecessarily in your face you're asking for trouble.

Even qualified doctors make mistakes and I don't think it's worth it just to smooth out a few lines. Some celebrities and unrecognisable now because of all the stuff they've had done - no thanks!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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