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The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser & Tea Tree Oil

So we've all been informed by Caroline Hirons that we can't really do that much about pores besides just living with it and I have learnt to abide by that. But once in a while I do like to get distracted by pore minimising product claims and like to give them a whirl. This time around, it's the trusted high street chain The Body Shop's Tea Tree products being tested out and so far so good.

Coming to the Pore Minimiser, I like to use it as a primer before make-up and sometimes at night. Mostly before make-up as it's matte finish helps make-up last longer and stay oil free. At night, I really don't want a matte finish so I believe it's more of a skin prepping product that also helps blemished skin stay clear. It's a nice velvety formula that glides on easily and kind of tries and fills the pores for an even canvas. It tingles a little and smells a little minty but on the whole, lovely primer for combination skin.

The Tea Tree Oil however is my favourite. It has the same anti-blemish properties as the Pore Minimiser but in a concentrated manner. It's got anti-bacterial properties which helps in preventing the breakout from spreading any further. The oil is not drying which is great but somehow it manages to get rid of spots without causing flakiness at all. It's a holiday, beach or festival must-have as I found it acts as a superb remedy for insect bites too. I am seriously in love with this and cannot recommend it enough. It literally disappears spots magically and for £7, it's ingenious! For seriously problematic skin, mix a drop of this with your regular evening serum.

Who knew tea tree was this good! I'm impressed.

DluxEdition.com said...

I've been using the tea tree oil for over 10 years and i love it! Great product!

Shubha Juyal said...

I love these two buggers..specially during humid climate..
xx :)

Diana said...

I personally think that it's always nice to control our pores - at least it's what I do personally.
I had the Poreminimizer for a few months, but in the end I used it more because it had tea tree and would help me with some breakouts than because of my pores - since personally it wouldn't do a big thing.

Now the oil is something from heaven! I bought a bottle this year because of all the hype and I don't regret it (I actually bought a second bottle in a recent sale promotion) .

From this line I also recommend their mask, their cleanser and specially their tonic - it's my favourite. It does what any tonic does, with no alcohol with the plus that it works beautifully on taking care of inflammations (it's like a less concentrate version of the trea tree oil). I use it every day and my skin resents if I don't use it.

If you are into pore cleaning, I would recommend the Seaweed mug mask. It's even better than the tea tree one.

Please Take care, have a nice day**


Inspiration partout said...

I love Tea tree oil!!I find it to be the most effective and cost friendly way of getting rid of spots!




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