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Teeth Whitening by Dr Wyman Chan at Smile Studio London

I was never really obsessed with having white teeth as my teeth were always on the whiter side naturally. Even the Dentist I went to confirmed that and asked me if I had gotten a teeth whitening treatment done before, which I was quite flattered about as I hadn't. Regardless, as a teenager I had braces for quite a few years which obviously led me to being quite conscious about my teeth. You'll hardly see me flaunting a toothy smile unless I can't control my laughter and burst out into a laughing fit. Hence I pounced on the opportunity to get my teeth whitened by Dr Wyman Chan who has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, is a Harley Street Dentist and has a never ending list of celebrity clients including Jessie J and the One-D crew!

Smile Studio is located at Piccadilly Circus in a non-intimidating, relaxing environment. There are only two chairs so I believe only two patients can be treated at a time which is pretty cool considering you get peace of mind of one to one attention of Dr Chan. Close up pictures of each of my front 8 teeth were taken with a cool gadget and flashed on the screen in front of me. Depending on the current state of every tooth as some can be more stubborn or yellow than the rest, a particular setting was decided for the teeth whitening machine. The whitening gel was applied, a machine was fitted on top of it to provide heat and off we went for an hour, whilst I almost dozed off watching Skyfall in my video glasses. Shouldn't all Dentists have these so patients can feel less anxious and get distracted?

I am not going to lie but I did feel scared prior to the treatment thinking it is impossible that this wont hurt. I was mentally prepared for some tingling here and there but believe you me, I couldn't feel a thing. A facial would tingle more but this teeth whitening treatment just did not. After an hour, I was greeted by sparkling white teeth in the mirror! The result wasn't artificially, glossy white but more like a bright, pearly white that wouldn't blind a person but white enough to radiate confidence. I don't feel like hiding my smile any more so I am sure it did work towards my confidence.

For £395, I got an hour worth of teeth whitening treatment with Dr Wyman Chan and a home whitening kit that I had to use for 5 days, twice a day to maintain the smile for a whopping two years. Being the pioneer of painfree teeth whitening, Dr Wyman has been in the business since more than a decade and that too precisely only teeth whitening so you can trust him to give you pearly whites in just a week. Of course you don't need an occasion to treat yourself to the treatment but I'd say this would be on my top five beauty treatment list for a wedding without doubt.

jelly andrews said...

Oh! How I love to have pearly white teeth. But due to the fact that I love coffee so much, it is hard for me to achieve that kind of teeth. So I am pretty interested with teeth whitening product. Does Dr Chan have whitening products available online?

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