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Neom Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Room Mist

Who doesn't like their homes smelling of fresh cut roses? I do and always wish those fresh flowers would last just a few days long spreading their gorgeous scent. I love rose scents and would never get sick of them in any shape or form. My latest obsession is the Moroccan Blush Rose Room Mist by Neom.

But I also know people who would like such girly, sweet scents but find the current home fragrances available in the market to be a little artificial smelling and too strong for their liking. If you're one of them, you need to get your hands on this aromatherapy treat. It's the most gorgeous home mist I have sniffed in my entire lifetime. To make the scent unique and different from your typical rose scents, it has been mixed with lime and black pepper to give it that slight spicy kick whilst keeping the concoction fresh. 

You really wouldn't want your home to just smell extremely sweet of roses. I mean a home fragrance is meant to serve a purpose and leave the aura in your rooms to have a therapeutic nature alongside keeping the air clean and fresh. Plus unlike spritzing it on your body, we have to keep in mind a home scent is going to linger on for longer especially if you spray it on cushions, curtains, behind radiators and so on. 

I am a little obsessed with home fragrances and am usually found doing spritzing rounds across the house like the cabin crew do in flights. This particular scent is not light and watery like other home scents but is rather substantial and long lasting which means good value for money. If you like sweet, feminine scents that are slightly spicy and clean, this is it. It's not particularly catered for any areas of the home as such but I think it's quite a lovely one for the home office or the bedroom. 

Get. It. Now. 
Emma Matthews said...

Looks lovely!

Emma x

D and F Features said...

That sounds absolutely divine. All too often room sprays only linger long enough for you to walk out of the door. I am a huge fan of both rose and lavender fragrance, will definitely be dropping anvil sized hints to my husband for one of these for my birthday in a couple of months.

I really appreciate the detail you put into your reviews - so much better than the "oh it is lovely" and leaving it at that. I thoroughly enjoy following your blog posts





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