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Make-up brushes you need in your make-up kit

Whether you’re a professional make-up artist, starting out in the industry as a freelancer or just a newbie who wants to dip their feet in the glamorous world of make-up, there is one thing that is key to flawless make-up and that is professional make-up brushes. Throughout my entire time of being a beauty blogger and a make-up enthusiast, it is the single most thing that I didn’t get bored of and still can’t get enough off.

Every brush has a different finish and lends a completely new perspective to a make-up product. A fuchsia pink blush with a high level of pigmentation for instance would apply heavily with a dense powder brush, requiring you to be more careful. Where as a fluffy, fan brush would make the same blush look natural and dispense the colour effortlessly and equally on the cheeks.
Talking about both a fan brush and a dense, blush brush brings me to this Pro 21 Piece Makeup Brush Set that I came across on Catwalk Glamour. Regardless of what purpose they serve, you need a good variety of make-up brushes in your professional or home kit to get the most out of your make-up products. I like how the set contains five generous face brushes.

I personally love the angular brush for foolproof contouring and precise blush application if you have a small face and the gigantic fan brush for applying highlighter, bronzer or a sheer dusting of powder. Fan brushes are ingenious and versatile and I can’t believe they aren’t talked about as often.

As for eye brushes, it can get a little tricky and intimidating to opt for the perfect one! They tend to be more expensive and exclusive compared to face brushes because of the precision that goes into making them. When I started out, I definitely preferred such all in one make-up kits that came with eye brushes of different shapes and sizes. Not only did they turn out to be great quality, some of which I even have till today but they made great alternatives for blending and shading where you needed more than one brush to create a perfect gradation and the selection in make-up kits really came handy.

If you’re a beginner at blending eye shadows, the angular eye shadow brush is an essential. Simply apply the darker colour at the edges and use the angular brush in a windshield wiper motion for that perfect smoked out, cat eye.

The Pro 21 Piece Makeup Brush Set retails for a mere £30 which is a bargain first of all. Secondly the brush hairs are made up of real hair which is softer and more user friendly in application than the usual synthetic brushes you will find in the high street. Goat hair absorbs less product so you will end up with a more precise application and can actually rely on the quality of the brushes to provide a foolproof application. These brushes have a classy birch wood handle and come with a presentation/carry case which is always convenient to carry around.

Just remember, investing in good make-up brushes is a must as your finished make-up look and make-up products are highly dependent on your selection of make-up brushes. My top 5 make-up kit brush staples would be a fan brush, an angular face brush, an angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush, a flat eye shadow shader brush and a fluffy eye shadow blending brush. 
Anonymous said...

I have this set and love it xxx


D and F Features said...

Oh my goodness, you have just made me look at my brushes and I have realised just how err, bad they are! I have ordered a set (not this one as I wouldn't use all of them) but a similar price one with 12 brushes in it. I remembered to stock up on baby shampoo too to wash them as I have just run out.

Do you mind me asking what you use to wash your brushes with? I have always used baby shampoo but was wondering if there was anything else that was better that I just haven't come across yet.





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