KIKO City Filter Sunscreen Primer SPF50

If you thought SPF of 50 was pricey or the texture of it was such that you can't practically wear everyday, here's a product that you will not be able to complain about. It's a yellow tinted lotion that multi tasks as a primer and sun protection. What's amazing about it is it's weightless texture where you cannot feel it on the skin at all. I have combination-dry skin at present and it works perfectly fine for that. Most importantly, if you can see in the image above, it dries to an invisible finish. I mean we are in 2013 at the end of the day where google glasses and 3D printers are about to hit households - we can at least have invisible sun protection now eh?

I am not sure about it's primer qualities and how it makes my make-up lasts longer as I really couldn't detect a dramatic enough change to report. It does however work as anti-ageing skincare by blurring out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I felt application of this neither dried out my skin nor made it appear more shiny, it just felt comfortable and radiant. Apparently it also works at combating dark spots which I shall report to you in 10 years time.

On the whole, I felt this was worth a mention as I know so many people who still don't wear SPF because they find it to be inconvenient, leaving a white cast, appearing chalky, feeling heavy on the skin or a tad bit pricey. This resolves any reason you'd have NOT to wear SPF. Just wear it all day, everyday okay? Retails for a super affordable £12.90. Me likey. Would never go back to SPF 30 ever again.


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Elena Sccarlett said...

I think I'm going to try it... It seems really nice! And with with this price, what can go wrong? :)
Thank you so much for the review... It was really helpful!