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Five Steps to Having Perfect Skin

We all dream of having perfect, flawless skin. But how can we achieve the kind of complexion that we see plastered all over magazines and advertising posters without spending an absolute fortune on beauty products?

Below are five simple steps that we believe will help you on the path to having the most beautiful skin possible.

1.    Follow a simple daily skin care regime. It is vital you follow a basic skin care regime with skincare products including a cleanser, a toner, a daytime moisturizer and a night time moisturizer.

2.    Look after your skin in the sun. Unfortunately for sun lovers the sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to our skin and it is recommended that one of your favorite and most used beauty products is a sunscreen. Sun is extremely ageing for our skin; it can also lead to skin cancer so it is extremely important that you take particular care when the sun rays are at their hottest throughout the summer months.

3.    Do not smoke. Smoking causes premature wrinkling, loss of elasticity and dullness that no beauty product can revert so it is advisable to give up this anti-social habit if you are a smoker. Smoking also reduces the skin’s ability to regenerate itself and slows the flow of blood to the body’s largest organs. Yet more reasons to give up.

4.   Use skin care products with Retinoids. Retinoids or Vitamin A derivatives work wonders on our skin and can help fight acne, help fade unwanted brown spots, reduce fine lines and ageing and improve the skin’s texture. Many of the most common beauty products on sale contain retinoids, but do remember that some can be rather drying and should only be used at night.

5.    Eat and live healthily. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals are good for our skin and can actually help improve the skin’s condition. A particular super food for our skin is pomegranates which are packed with polyphenol antioxidants. Polyphenol fight free radicals and regulate the skin’s blood flow. Peppers are great for fighting wrinkles, and sunflower seeds are full of Vitamin E which naturally protects your skin from the sun. Meanwhile exercise is also great for the skin as it helps with circulation whilst getting enough sleep helps to promote cell turnover and collagen production. It appears that beauty sleep really does exist!

Diana said...

amazing tips! I also believe that a good night of sleep helps a lot.
Please take care, have a nice day!**





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