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Dermalogica Facials: Customised Facial with Skin Mapping

Have you been to a facial recently or maybe at a point in time where you've come home to see your face breaking out quite errr...not so glamorously? I have! And trust me and it's not an amazing feeling considering it took me weeks to get my skin back to normal. Hence I am a little picky with where I go to for my facials and more importantly, WHAT facial I opt for. 

You really can't just choose one that tickles your fancy and expect your skin to be all hunky dory with it. Because you don't really know what products the salon will be using, how many ingredients they contain and which of those ingredients might just trigger a flare up. Hence my recent favourite, a customised facial! 

We're in 2013 for heaven's sake and this is the least we can do for our skin. Tailor made facials have been there in the industry since years but just not quite popular as they tend to be a tad bit on the pricier side. However I've found of an affordable alternative for you and it's none other than Dermalogica Facials. Who knew the skincare brand did facials too? 

Now there are quite a few reasons as to why I'd trust a facial of this sort. Firstly because it promises to be customised to my skin type which is detected via a mini skin analysis by a consultant by mapping out zones on the face and all that jazz and secondly because it uses all Dermalogica products, which we know are fab as the brand's been a popular and trustworthy one since years. I've actually tried a couple of products from them and have loved them. 

So whether you have dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, scarring or what not, there is a Dermalogica Facial made for all of those skin concerns. If your skin type is mental like mine and cannot seem to fit in these pre-set categories, a customised facial will be designed on the spot for you. Me likey!

Have you ever tried a custom made facial before? 

Diana said...

Sadly I don't have any consultant or counter related to Dermalogica in my country.
It would be something nice to try!
Lovey post as always! Please take care, have a nice day**





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