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Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Hair Treatment

Perhaps I've been living under a rock since the past few years because only recently did I come to know that Brazilian Blowdry was the equivalent of a Keratin Treatment for hair. Now there are a tonne of Keratin Treatments in the market, but Brazilian Blowdry is the cream of the crop and has been ruling the hair industry since decades actually.

Also known as the permanent blowdry, the treatment is designed for unruly locks, frizzy tresses and basically an unmanageably coarse mane caused by chemical damage, heat tools or dying. The intense treatment takes 2-3 hours to complete and generally uses a mixture of red clay, white clay and cocoa oil which is applied to hair, allowed to dry and then sealed in with a blow dry hence hair appears thicker, glossier and softer. 

You are meant to protect your hair for a few days after the treatment, in the sense that keep it away from sweating, getting wet or forming a certain shape or pattern through a hair band or pony tail. Basically you're meant to keep it straight and dry for three days without any cheating and as a result hair will stay shiny, silky and tame for 3-6 months! Imagine waking up with sleek hair every day of your life. I guess you'd still have to blow dry after a hair wash and have the ability curl it occasionally but none the less, it will be like that friend you have who always has great hair? Yup, her. Just like that. 

It's not permanent hair straightening or a chemical relaxing treatment as that's what people usually confuse it with. With a Brazilian Blowdry, your hair will not appear artificially poker straight or chemically damaged but only softer especially if you have curls which will be easy to style compared to before. In fact it is designed for damaged, coarse hair so if you have naturally decent hair, you are not going to witness dramatic results.

I personally found the treatment quite alluring as I do have a lot of hair on my head and it's darn difficult to keep in control hence I'm always found with curls as it's the easiest way for me to keep them tame. A must-have for weddings and holidays in my opinion or after you've had your hair freshly coloured, the exotic sounding Brazilian Blowdry is the easiest way to seal in the colour and moisture. 

Now I have a wish-list of beauty treatments alongside one for skincare products and make-up bits and bobs. Aaah the never ending desires of a beauty blogger. Have you tried this? Let me know if you have!
Anonymous said...

very beautiful article :)

Anonymous said...

very beautiful article :)

Supergirl said...

Ahh, I haven't tried but really want it as I have wavy hair. My sister in law tried it - it last for 2 months more or less as she has very curly hair.

Sheefa F said...

@Supergirl - Oh really? I know there's an Express Brazilian Blowdry that lasts 2 months, is carried out quicker and is priced slightly lower.

Unknown said...

Have heard so much about this blowdry!
xoxo Shreya

Unknown said...

To fight frizz and send your curls into a spin anyone can try a straightening brazilian blow dry treatment as it is a semi-permanant way of smoothing and improving the condition of your hair to make it more manageable




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