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What do you use to replace Sugar? #cleaneating

If you have been a regular reader of the blog, you will know that I haven trying to eat clean since the past few months and in an attempt to cut out sugar from my life, I have found two alternatives that work best for me. Now I am not saying that these are completely natural and unprocessed which is what you should opt for in an ideal world BUT they are most definitely less artificial than sugar. Sugar not only spikes up your blood pressure, it makes your skin look disastrous and makes you pile on pounds like nothing else. 

I think it's important to analyse how much sugar you consume in a day and in what, to be able to understand what alternatives you can replace it with. If you only have sugar in your tea once a day, maybe that's fine for you and you can take a small step and switch to brown sugar instead. Although, do try honey or agave nectar in it sometime and trust me you'll never go back! It's just so comforting and filling in hot liquids that now sugar in tea is something I despise. It's so sickly artificial and the taste is almost alien to me now.

Now I cannot directly relate the cutting out of sugar from my diet to me shedding inches off my waist and thighs as I cannot prove the correlation. But if you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle in general and not have junk go through your body (I am talking to you sugar!), try alternatives. These are just two but there are PLENTY out there.

On the whole, if you want to eat clean and achieve a fitter body in general, I realised it is the combination of clean eating and a regular workout routine that works and nothing else and for that, you need to source alternatives to every piece of artificially, processed junk you have in your kitchen cupboard or fridge. Start with the evil, pesky sugar. Go do it now!

p.s. If you have better alternatives, do let me know.

Alisha said...

Honey is a great alternative! It makes tea and coffee taste so much better than sugar does xx




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