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Vichy Eau Thermale Spa Water Facial Spray

Okay can I just say I LOVE this? I know you're not meant to use this as skincare OR substitute it for your regular toner and all that jazz but can you blame me with this amount of heat? My body is still functioning properly despite the dehydration, sweating and tanning - I am genuinely surprised. Yes I used to originally stay in a hot climate whilst growing up but that was totally different. The houses were bigger, there was air con almost everywhere and I didn't travel by tube you see.

The current weather in UK, well London at least is pure ridiculous. I mean I don't mind the sun but will you please let some air flow so we can breath at least? My dramatic-ness aside, this spray has been glued to my pocket for emergency rescues lately and I thought I should let you know. Yes I know there are a tonne in the market out there but this is the only one I've tried till date and am loving it.

It seriously doesn't dry my skin on use, strip it off it's moisture or cause breakouts. Apparently skincare experts say facial sprays are not the best for you if you use it on bare skin. On my skin, it's heaven. Pure heaven to be precise. If you're a little sceptical on using this on bare skin, please resort to this on top of your make-up and it will leave it looking naturally dewy, non-cakey and just beautifully blended. Not to forget cool you down if you're a little cranky in this weather like me.

I am sure it's cheaper than MAC's overrated and sticky feeling Fix plus. Yes I have used that and never repurchased. Not worth it in my opinion. This however is. It contains 15 rare minerals, 100% pure ingredients and is packed with antioxidants. Get. It. Now. 
Lima said...

I remember when Evian used to do skin care a while back and this reminds me of their spray! Oh maaan, I used to love the Evian range :(

Fix + is sticky, isn't it? Horrible feeling.

I can imagine how muggy it is down there, all that pollution, one would think you're Beijing! Hehe


Sheefa F said...

@Halima - Used to do? Have they discontinued?

Yup, MAC's skincare is a little overrated.

Trust me, not Beijing, it's like India down here :s lol

J said...

Finally someone thinks Fix Plus sucks! I bought it with all the hype and i absolutely hate it. i have more than half the bottle left and i dont know what to do with it!

I switch between Avene thermal spray and evian for emergencies! I love spritzing them in the heat!!




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