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Prom Dresses: What To Wear For The Party Season This Summer

The prom season has hit UK like a storm and albeit an American Ball tradition, celebrating leaving school in an extravagant manner with limousine and tuxedos has set its roots in the UK quite firmly since years. Tonnes of 16-19 year olds are all set to embark on their glamorous prom journey this month by indulging in spray tans, hair & make-up, manicures and pedicures, car rental and the most crucial of them all, prom dresses. I can understand why to be honest. Besides being a bride or a bridesmaid, a prom is the only similar event where girls get to dress like a princess so why not make the most of it.

Celebrities sporting Jovani Dresses
I have always had a penchant for Jovani Dresses and if I could rewind back time and go back to my school prom, a fully sequinned Jovani is what I would opt for. They just look so surreal and fairy tale like yet with an oomph of modern glamour surrounding it. It’s one of the brands for designer prom dresses that is foolproof with its designs and flattering fit that you just cannot go wrong with it. Sherri Hill Dresses I have seen Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner sport beautifully and looking like absolute dolls. I love the frilly bottom part of the dress that adds a cute, tinkerbell element to it paired with the structured corset top that balances the cuteness and adds a dash of sexy to it.
Kendall Jenner & Selena Gomez rocking a Sherri Hill 
If you’re of a lean built with athletic arms, I’d suggest opting for a bold, statement Sherri Hill dresses to find your perfect prom dress whereas if you want something figure hugging, curve flattering and downright diva like, a stunning Jovani dress will be your best bet. Whatever you choose, I am a big believer that it should make you shine as a person in your own skin rather than the prom dress overtaking your personality. Decide what style you want to portray through your dress, make-up, hair and accessories. It be classic and elegant, retro or vintage, glam and celebrity inspired – you pick!

There is nothing like a perfect colour when it comes to a prom dress really. Of course there’s all the jazz surrounding only certain colours are apt for the Summer and so on but to be honest, a colour can never be ‘in’ or ‘out’ for that matter as only you can either pull it off well or not so well you see. I personally would pull off a jewel toned prom dress that’s rich and elegant. Instead concentrate on the perfect neckline and length of the dress that will compliment your figure perfectly. 

If you have problematic thighs, opt for a longer prom gown with a clinched waist to draw attention to the upper body. If you are top heavy, show off your legs and go for something shorter.  If you’re petite and of a slender frame, a prom dress with an exaggerated bust line, fitted waist and figure hugging fit will flatter you the most. Keep in mind though; matte fabrics will help conceal a muffin top better and light reflecting fabrics can tend to be less forgiving.

Whatever you choose depending on your budget, figure and style be sure to make the most out of your prom day (or night!) as it's never going to come again. 




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