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Popchips: Guilt free alternative to salty, oily crisps


If you're on a clean eating mission like myself, you would know its difficult to keep up with. Same old recipes, same old ingredients hence when motivation's low, it's actually pretty easy to resort to a bag of chips. I won't lie, I have been a crisp lover since quite a few years now. I have given it up completely since six months now along with fizzy drinks and all that junk jazz so was quite pleased to see Popchips all geared to reintroduce some flavour back into my diet, without piling up the calories. 

The chips are not baked nor fried but are instead 'popped'. The bag contains a total of 18 chips and a reasonable 94 calories per bag. Not bad eh? My favourite flavour is the Barbecue one without doubt but the Sour cream and Onion one is quite delicious too. Compared to your usual Walkers crisps, they are substantially less salty and don't leave any orange residue on your fingers (I cannot stand that!) or a film of oil. 

I wouldn't indulge in them quite often only because I am seriously trying to loose weight but if you have reached your goal weight and are just trying to maintain it, these make a great snack for movies, picnics and day out. They are not the in-your-mouth-melt ones but instead are quite crunchy and have a nice bite to them leaving you satisfied and not wanting for more to be honest. I wouldn't mind carrying one of these with me when am out in case I get peckish and resort to rather unhealthy options. 

Verdict, it's not clean eating for me (although it contains no fake flavours or colours) but a guilt free once in a while indulgence. If you're not on a diet or trying to loose weight, do try these as they make a great alternative to the traditional oil slick crisps. Plus they taste amazing! You can find them at Boots, Sainsburys, Waitrose & even Starbucks now. Say what?! That's my second home.

Lily Lipstick said...

I love Popchips for an occasional treat - I had no idea Starbucks sold them! x

Shifa Fijiwala said...

Same here Lily! No idea Starbucks did them too. I'll be lounging around with a skinny latte and popchips from now :)




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