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NYX Shine Killer Face Primer

NYX Shine Killer. Quite a dramatic name isn't it? But then again who wants shine at the wrong places eh so might as well 'kill' it! At least the name is better compared to some of Rodial's ridiculously named products. Yes I am talking to you 'Size Zero' and 'Boob Job'!

What is it? In a nutshell it's meant to be used as a primer just after your skincare routine and prior to applying foundation. It provides a smooth, almost silicone like matte blanket for your foundation to glide on, while this happily absorbs excess shine in certain areas like the t-zone, cheeks and forehead.

You can use it alone as well if you're not a huge make-up wearer and are blessed with good skin to bare it on its own to be honest. If you get shiny mid day and hate wearing powder, grab a tissue and blot shine first and then apply this directly to the skin for a gorgeous matte finish. Please don't apply it everywhere ladies! Shine looks good on the cheekbones and above the jawline so keep that as it is.

My favourite way of using this. Over make-up of course! It just shows how beautifully formulated the product is to be able to apply on top of make-up without disturbing it at all. So for instance, I'd apply a dewy foundation as I usually do and find the t-zone and apple of the cheeks look a little too oily for my liking. I squirt out a little bit of this and pop it on certain areas and voila! Matte where I want it, dewy where I like it. It makes foundation almost tailor made for my skin.

I have to say however, it adds a superficial shine you see. So if your foundation hasn't been blotted by a tissue to absorb excess oils, this will just add a matte finish and not absorb all the oils underneath.

Above, I put Weleda Skin Food which is a super rich, hydrating cream on the back of my hand to demonstrate how the Shine Killer works. I wasn't expecting it to make a thick, lush cream matte but it did. I could still feel the Weleda Skin Food move on the my skin but the overall finish looked matte.

Now that the heatwave isn't planning to leave us any time soon, I am going to make full use of the product before and after make-up. I can't stand powders in this season so this will be my new hand bag staple. For £12.50, it deserves a try.

Jazzie said...

Really interesting product especially that you can use it on top of make-up.

Jazzie x




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