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Latest Lumix Cameras by Panasonic

Now I don’t know about you but I am photo geek. Be it with my camera phone or my digital camera DSLR hybrid, you’ll always find me snapping away. I can only blame Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for this habit that myself and a tonne of other beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel bloggers are addicted to. My visual memory sucks to an extent that I sometimes even resort to my camera to take pictures of addresses, places I want to visit again and so on. I am so not a diary person who will quickly jot down something. For me, it’s all about capturing that moment and being able to refer to it at any point in time.

If you’re on the lookout for a new camera, especially something that’s holiday friendly then check out the latest Lumix cameras by Panasonic. I absolutely love their use of subtle yet unisex colours such as maroon, blue and white that give the cameras an identity and help reflect your personality. If you’re an adventurous globe trotter, they have waterproof and dustproof digital cameras that you won’t need to be as careful with whilst enjoying your trip. They also come with built in WiFi for real time fanatics if you don’t have the patience to upload the pictures on social media channels until you reach home – yup that would be me.

It’s amazing how the Lumix G Compact System Cameras are comparatively compressed and less bulky than traditionally humongous DSLR’s. I am someone who would love to twist and turn lenses pretending to be a photographer but I definitely would not be able to carry extremely large DSLR’s to achieve certain picture quality. I have my eyes glued on Lumix DMC-G3, which seems to me like the smallest DSLR I have ever seen. Me being myself would opt for a bright red or a classic white colour in the model.

Overall, if you’re looking to invest in a new camera and don’t want to spend tonnes, I feel Panasonic has some great middle options that are compact and good looking without comprising on picture quality. Are you a photo geek like me? What do you think about built in WiFi digital cameras?

D and F Features said...

That Lumix is looking rather seductive, I must say! I (ashamedly so) have only just moved up from my "point and click" to a bridge camera (both Fuji - I got to know the controls, so didn't want to swap :$).

I am definitely not ready for a DSLR yet, if my husband asks me to hold his Cannon I tend hold it as if it is going to explode in my hands, I am that frightened of dropping it.

The new Lumix range is gorgeous but I think my next purchase will be the Nikkon D3200 now it is coming down in price.


Unknown said...

I looked into Panasonic but found I could find the same specs but for cheaper with brands such as Samsung,

I think they're worth they're money though - if you wanna pay it out :)

Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com




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