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How do you take care of your leather hand bags?

Whether it is a Valentino, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo or a Mulberry that you have in your possession, you will know that leather handbags are precious regardless of their price. There is always something so chic, effortless and classic about them that you can literally pair it with a dainty sun dress, an elegant evening gown or rock chic leather trousers and manage to pull it off with ease. 

They are a bit like ombre for hair, a little black dress and skinny jeans isn’t it? Leather bags haven’t been out of fashion since the 90’s and won’t be any time in the future. You can literally pass them on to generations or if that sounds a little dramatic, perhaps to your younger sibling or daughter and they’ll happily flaunt it around town.

I remember a time when leather handbags were only exclusive to high end, designer brands. But it’s amazing how you can easily find them for under £100 at ASOS and Topshop these days, especially the coloured satchels. Now that they are available at reasonable prices, I feel people invest in them quite easily but ignore to take care of them to prolong longevity. 

Believe it or not, it makes a humongous difference in the texture and appearance of leather bags if they are properly taken care of with handbag leather care formulated especially for fashion hand bags. EazyCare Products in particular contain a whopping 80% concentrate in their leathercare products compared to other cheap alternatives in the market, meaning you use less product and get fabulous results in no time.

The handbag leather care helps to get rid of any superficial bacteria or dirt from your bag touching almost nook and cranny in the tube, being laid on the ground at every coffee shop or slightly more gross, public toilets even! After leaving it squeaky clean, it then works to keep your handbag looking moist so it bounces back light and doesn’t show it’s age. 

Ever had someone spill a drink on your leather handbag leaving you in utter dismay? Well, that’s exactly when a special leather cleaner for a fashion handbag would come to your rescue to help fade stains. Think of conditioning as moisturiser for your leather handbag. It eventually will dry out with time hence is vital to condition it frequently to avoid wrinkling and flaking.

Treat the hardworking craftsmanship of your leather bags with care. Try and condition them once a month and clean them once a week to leave them looking like you’ve just purchased them in store! For the metrosexual man, you can also find specific man bag leather care which is designed to take care of sturdy leather and can even be used on tablet cases, phone covers, brief cases and laptop covers of a similar material. 

The universally loved, heady scented bags will always be a classic favourite, equally appreciated amongst ladies and men for their charm and exclusivity. Protect them with specially designed leather cleaners and conditioners and flaunt them as ‘vintage’ five years down the line albeit looking brand new. 

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