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Height Increasing Shoes for Men – What do we think Ladies?

Tall, dark and handsome, the perfect description of Mr. Right or your knight in shining armour! What happens if this certain someone you have met ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect man in your life besides one little thing – height. It’s a touchy topic to talk about for some men but quite a popular one amongst the ladies who are instantly attracted to taller guys be it in the dating scene or celebrities. There’s just something so tough, raw and macho that unconsciously makes a taller man appear more attractive. It goes back to societal stereotypes perhaps where the male is perceived as someone who is strong, athletic and will take care of you. For sure he needs to be of a certain height for that eh? If a man is blessed with a 5.10" stature, all well and good but if not, I personally feel elevator shoes or height increasing shoes are not a bad option to venture into at all. Click here to find out about height increasing shoes.

Altitude shoes make a tonne of different variety of casual and formal shoes that discreetly give men the height they need (between 2 to 5 inches) without giving it away from the outside. Who says only coal tar soap and old spice is what all ‘real men’ need. Ask the ladies who put in blood and sweat to look prim and perfect, be it regarding fabulous hair, immaculate make-up, the perfect tan, a lean body so why can’t men put in the effort to give themselves an edge with elevator shoes and keep up with the pretty women out there. Grooming yourself like David Beckham will not make you less of a man but will only reflect discipline you have and not to forget, have a huge female fan following of course! I am all up for a metrosexual man who is open about altering his image superficially if it gives him an advantage. I recently read that women spend around £250 a year on their male partner who apparently use up their skincare which then needs replacing. Two thumbs up for sumptuous skin guys!

In my opinion, the word metrosexual is as powerful as the man sporting it. In fact, I am often disappointed when I see guys who have so much potential but refuse to groom a little with height increasing footwear in this case, which would work wonders in attracting the opposite gender as well as boost their own confidence by folds. Just imagine the look on your face guys when your crush walks in and is sporting a beautiful new dress, that new lip gloss and has styled her hair in loose curls and it makes your heart skip a beat. But unfortunately women don’t very often get to be on the receiving end of this feeling. Why not take the first step in this direction by making yourself look more taller guys? It requires no effort on your part literally, just a simple purchase and some rugged confidence to pull it off with ease.

I specially love these formal elevator shoes with a 3.15 inch discreet heel for occasions such as weddings, prom, graduation and so on. Who wouldn't mind looking taller for a special event? I know the ladies do so I can’t see men not wanting to. It’s of course not going to alter your height permanently, nor change the person you are but if it aids in bringing out the most of you, gives you confidence, opens doors to opportunities, helps you mingle in the social scene OR make the special lady in your life appreciate your personality a little more – then there’s no harm at all in giving it a try.

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Jessica said...

If having a bit of added height makes a guy feel more confident then I don't see any problem in it. Girls wear heels for the same reason after all!


Sheefa F said...

Exactly Jessica! That's how I see it too :)

sonibanno said...

Hehe lovely read! Having a look at the website now. Such a great idea and men should take hints from this post. Are you reading guys?! :p

Sheefa F said...

@sonibanno - I know right? Love the selection of shoes on the website. The idea is ingenious, we just want more men dipping their feet into it ;)

Unknown said...

I want to thank the person who made height increasing shoes.I like these shoes because they make my life even better with my girlfriend which is bit tall then me. but after wearing these shoes I look equal to her. This is best shoes for men. Thanks for the nice post and some new option for me.




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