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Five Great Summer Hair Looks

Summer is that great time where you can deconstruct your style a little bit, put less effort into your look and still look fabulous. Our skin glistens, our hair shines and even a simple summer dress can look chic.

It's a no-brainer that when it's this hot out you don't want to wear a lot or make a major effort. Luckily some of summer's hottest looks this year are super easy to throw on and work like crop tops, bold stripes and mix-matched patterns. Nothing says easy like not having to pay attention to your prints when making an outfit! With that said, I'm sure you've gotten the fashion down, but what about the hair? What have you been doing this season? The standard messy pony held back with a million bobby pins?

Com'on, we can do better than that. I've broken out the top 5 hair styles for this summer. Fortunately, they are all easy to execute

Low Buns:
Remember how the top knot dominated last season. Everyone was seen wearing it and while it looked fancy and maybe even a little difficult to pull off, it was extremely simple to do as long as you had a sock or a hair donut. Fortunately the look is still in, you just need to adjust the height of your top knot and officially make it a low one. Bring your top knot down to the nap of your nape and follow the same steps as you would to make a top knot. Simple, easy and clean and best of all, it still keeps your hair off your neck.

Deconstructed Buns:
So these are kind of in stark contrast to the top/low knot style bun, which is typically made to look perfectly sleek. For this one, you want your bun to look messy, you can do this by a few ways. You can put your hair in a ponytail (anywhere you want on your head). Then start taking twisting pieces of the ponytail and bobby pinning them near the ponytail elastic. Pin them in a messy fashion, on top of each other, next to one another. etc. It should result in a very messy, yet beautiful look. You can also make a bun the usual way by not pulling your hair all the way through to be a pony tail. Then pull out pieces and begin wrapping them around the bun and securing them.

Major Side Bangs:
It's time to grow out those Michelle Obama inspired bangs you got and turn them into major side bangs. If you don't already have bangs or aren't willing to cut them, you can easily fake it. Start by making an imaginary line from one eyebrow up to your hair line. Make a deep part right at that point. Comb over all of the hair on the other side of your part and sweep it across your head. Position it so it makes you look like you have side swept bangs. Then secure it tightly with a bobby pin or two and spray with a little bit of hair spray. Don't go over board, otherwise it will look a little piecey. Finish it in a braid, a pony tail or bun.

Beach Waves:
Beachy waves are the ultimate sexy look in the summer even if you don't live anywhere near a beach. This look is the easiest of the bunch to do, too. All you will need is some sea salt spray and wet hair. Wash your hair as you normally would. Then ring it out in a towel and allow it to air dry for roughly 30 minutes. Once its no longer damp, take a comb or brush and brush out the top of your head down to your ears. Spray the rest with sea salt spray and begin scrunching your hair. Consider using a defuser on your hair dryer if your hair doesn't hold product or curls well. If it does, just allow it to air dry. From there, you can touch it up with the spray throughout the day.

Messy Braid:
Braids are so convenient during the summer. They help keep your hair back when you're out running around. They're perfect for wearing to the beach and they're incredibly quick to do.  This season is all about the messy braid, which is great for those of you who are still learning how to do it because you don't want it to be perfect. You can do the messy braid in any style you want, like a fishtail, waterfall or even french. Use it in side bangs or upside down on the back of your head. Just make it messy however you do it. That means making pieces looser than others, having your layers poke out a little bit and having lots of face framing strands left out.

These five looks are super easy and will help protect your hair from excessive wind and sun damage. However, once summer has ended be sure to do a hair mask to help revitalize and moisturize your hair and get a fresh hair cut to go into fall looking fresh. Without the horrible heat of summer, you can use this time to really get innovative, such as getting some Rush hair extensions, dyeing it a new color or even getting a pixie cut.

Let me know your favourite summer looks below and how you plan to change it up this fall!

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Dani said...

I love the beachy waves tutorial you posted because I'm trying to go natural (as far as using heat on my hair) as much as possible ^_^ so I love techniques that don't require a blow dryer or curling iron.




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