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Elemental Herbology Cell Food Radiance Facial Serum

I never believed in a serum until I read it's vital to layer your skincare, especially with products of different textures and not just plain old moisturisers. After incorporating balms in my skin care regime, it was high time for a serum to make an entrance. I have two I am using at present and this is one of them.

I analysed my skin and as La Roche Posay seems to keep it clear of spots, dullness would be my next skin concern and Elemental Herbology's Cell Food seems to be targeted towards just that. It contains all natural, active ingredients that nourish skin, rehydrate quicker compared to other products, add a dash of protein to the skin and make it resistant towards environmental damage.

I like how it's targeted towards frequent travellers whose skin goes through fluctuating climates, dry cabin air and ends up looking inflamed and exhausted. This acts like a repair session for them helping the skin come out of what it goes through and still manage to look...alive if you know what I mean. It would be great for a post-holiday skin recovery or to treat your skin after being naughty with it at a festival or camp. If you have a hectic work routine as well where you don't get time to indulge in pampering facial sessions or spas, I feel this uplifts the skin and helps it look vibrant and radiant. 

The texture of this unlike other gel based, transparent serums is in fact rather creamy and lotion like. It feels tacky when applied initially to the skin for the first few minutes. You have to massage the potent blend into your skin after which it disappears completely, still making skin feel a little sticky but looking plump, fresh and radiant. I also feel it helps my moisturiser adhere better to the skin and last longer.

I personally like to use this in the day as that means it can actually lend my skin the helping hand it needs in keeping up through stress, heat, humidity, skin cell build up and so on. I know quite a few people use it at night and I guess that would work too but I feel it's one of these serums that actually works hard and would benefit the skin by protecting it in daytime.

It's not cheap for £45 but if I can splurge that amount on a Topshop bag without thinking twice, I would just be purposely ignoring skincare if I wouldn't spend the same amount on a serum.

Happygoluckygal said...

wow it seems to be a good product..!1

Sheefa F said...

@Happygoluckygal - It's been my skin saviour since a while :)




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