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Anti-Ageing Facials: CACI Non-Invasive Face Lift

I love Anti-Ageing Facials! Yes I know I am in my mid 20's and don't really need it right now but I feel it's one of my top most skin concerns. I have relatively decent, combination skin which is now in control thanks to La Roche's Posay skincare. Besides that, uneven skin tone which is quite common in Asian/Indian skin and wrinkles & fine lines are my priority concerns.

I can already see my expression lines around the mouth area seem to leave behind a slight crease even when I'm not smiling. Let's not even talk about those pesky crows feet and fine lines under the eyes. Dehydration around that area especially makes things worse for me hence you see I have more than one reason to indulge in Anti-Ageing Facials.

Now I have a good skincare routine in place, well at least according to me, with the help of Caroline Hiron's blog. I try to use Glycolic Acid in skincare which apparently helps with wrinkles and shedding dead skin cells minus the abrasive exfoliation part. I was always sceptical of anti-ageing facials and would hardly indulge in one as they are usually overpriced in London.

A little digging later, I did manage to find a few good spots where me and mum could enjoy a girly day out coupled with a good relaxing facial as we now share similar skin concerns you see *sigh*. I wanted to try something different and came across CACI which is apparently an anti-ageing electronic facial which is equivalent to having a face lift. It uses fancy gadgets like electro buds, microcurrent roller and wrinkle comb to re-educate the skin and in simple terms, give it a much needed workout.

I don't know about you but for a consumer who want's the most value for the buck like myself, I loved CACI as not only was the therapist working hard for a good 45 minutes but so were the electronic gadgets leaving my skin in heaven. Apparently Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of CACI and I can see why as it delivers the most beautiful, post-spa, post-holiday glow ever. My mum who suffers from ageing, dehydration and pigmentation actually looked quite pleased with her skin and confident enough to flaunt it make-free from the salon to home. Impressive eh!

There's quite a few options you can choose from when it comes to a CACI Facial. I have tried the Face Lift one as it's super hydrating, tightening and plumping. Have you tried CACI? Let me know your thoughts!




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