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Shiffa Facial Cleanser & Toner

I've been using these two daily skincare gems from Shiffa since the past few weeks and absolutely love them for what they do. If you're unfamiliar with Shiffa, it's a Dubai based brand formulated by Dr Lamees Hamdan  who is a Dermatologist but also likes incorporating holistic principles into the products, making them a perfect combination to repair and heal skin naturally.

I had the pleasure of meeting her on the Shiffa counter in Selfridges a few weeks ago and I have to say she had the most amazing skin I had ever seen. It was translucent yet glowing and even toned and I couldn't even tell she was wearing make-up, when she actually was. What further came as a shock seeing her youthful skin was that she is a mother to four children and started developing a range when she wasn't happy with the skincare products around her during her pregnancy. I'm taking her skin as a guarantee that her products work.

Coming back to the Aromatic Facial Cleanser. It's been a while that I haven't ventured into the cleansing milk category but I'm glad I have. Following the Caroline Hirons skincare approach, I have decided to fill my skincare regime with different formulations of cleansers such as gels, balms and milks. I hardly ever like cleansing milks in the market because the concept seems dated to me and more importantly their formulations are thick, gloopy and hardly do anything for my skin. I have got to give it to the formulation of this one as it's extremely thin, light and fluffy textured making it appear more modern and fit for 2013. I squirt out three pumps and massage onto the skin for a good minute or so and then remove it with a warm flannel. It smells sweet and uplifiting which always works as a little aromatherapy session in the evenings. The milk is particularly nourishing and great for my current dehydrated and flaky skin.

It in no way feels overtly rich like other cleansing milks I have come across and is rather a balancing, anti-bacterial one fit for combination skin. It is a pricey one but if you're looking for a soothing and calming cleanser for when your skin's damaged and haywire, this one's worth the price tag.

The Skin Balancing Facial Toner is my all time feel good product. Do you have such products in your skincare stash? The one's you just love indulging in because they look beautiful, smell delicious and feel opulent to use on the skin. This one contains Aloe Vera and Seaweed which lead me to think it helps in keeping my skin clear of any breakouts. It has a lovely sweet and warm scent to it due to Damask Rose and Bergamot. Again, this one's more balancing and relaxing making it perfect for combination skin. Having said that, it's not drying at all and seems to get rid of any dry flaky patches on application. I tend to use it in the mornings with cotton wool and it's just so refreshing.

Again, it's a little expensive for a toner but I personally would spend the same amount on a handbag so why not on my skin which is going to last a life time eh?

Dr Lamees Hamdan gave me a wonderful tip with Shiffa's Healing Balm which is my ultimate favourite since years. It's actually a thick, balm like, translucent formula and I use it as a overnight moisturiser or on long haul flights as a repair mask. But she said it contains healing properties and despite it's balm like hydrating properties, it can be used on spots and blemishes on the face to treat them overnight. Now that I would have never thought of! 
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You have the best products :)
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