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Practical ways to sport a Corset outside

Okay so hands up if you thought of corsets as strictly lingerie or vintage? *both hands up*. It’s slowly but surely making a comeback with the crop tops these days. If you have been eating clean and following Cassey from Blogilates religiously with her monthly workout calendars or sweating it out with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, you should be in good shape to rock that flat tummy and sculpted abs. If not, corsets from Aussie website Corset Corner (who ship globally) can act as a saviour for the lazy lot out there disguising those muffin tops, chest fat and slimming down those pesky extra inches on the waist with its flattering, body hugging fit. Below are my favourite ways in which a corset can be worn outside, practically.

At a (your!) wedding
It might sound edgy but if you’re one of those brides who struggles to settle on a readymade boutique dress, a corset can help create a bespoke wedding gown when paired with a complimentary skirt and ensure all eyes will be on you, quite literally! I love how it looks with anything puffy underneath for a divalicious look or a streamlined, structured bottom for something more elegant yet modern. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about gaining or losing an inch or two from the upper body as the beauty of this piece of clothing is that you can lace it up to your precise shape. I love the below picks from Corset Corner with their rich colours and wearable necks high enough to sport on their own. 

With a (leather?) skirt
There’s just something so ethereal about pairing a corset top with a skirt. It can be a flirty skater skirt, a flowy maxi skirt oozing femininity or a fitted pencil skirt that’s more formal and sharp.  My favourite way to pair a corset would be with a sequinned knee high skirt or a sleek leather skirt. You don’t even have to be the ultimate fashionista to pull off this look as the casualness of the skirt would mellow down the edginess of the corset by just a notch. How cool is this cobweb inspired corset? Wouldn't this be a clever way of substituting a boring white shirt with a dressy corset when heading to an evening out straight from work.

How about shorts?
Now if I had toned athletic legs, I’m not even kidding you’d find me in this look sunbathing in the park with my gladiators and sunglasses. The playfulness of shorts is the easiest way to cancel out the sensuality and old school stigma attached to corsets that it can only be worn with vintage clothing. There’s nothing wrong with the oomph they carry but as we are talking about how to wear out a corset, shorts are an apt way of toning down a corset subtly. I’d opt for a bright tartan print or striped corset with neutral black blazer and white linen shorts. Uber chic!

Under formal/occasional wear

If you have a thick layered dressy dress for a formal occasion, it doesn't matter if the dress is vintage or not, a corset can work to nip and tuck any inches that may show the bulge. I have noticed quite a few times that despite my issue with chunky thighs, it’s usually the fitting at the waist that can make or break an occasional outfit for me. As long as this godsend invention helps me squeeze into a party number without flabby areas on display, I don’t really need any space to breathe to be honest. Not quite literally but you know what I mean? 

If you fancy yourself one of these modern corsets, check out corsetcorner.com.au. They're quite reasonably priced for how pretty and comfy they are. 

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