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Pixi Tinted Brilliance Lip Balms

I have slowly started developing a fondness or shall I say addiction for such chubby stick/lip crayon like products. To be honest with you, these are literally the only types of lip products I find to work well with my sensitive, flaky lips on a daily basis. Also I love the fact that you don't have to be neat in application with these and can even apply without a mirror. Having said that, these Tinted Brilliance Balms have a gorgeous translucent pigmentation and a glossy finish to them, albeit not sticky at all.

I have three shades in my possession, all that I love equally. I'm not being diplomatic here. I really really do love them all equally. When a make-up product comes with a gorgeous texture and even pretty shades, you cannot not love them all. Oh and isn't the mint green packaging so clean looking and just refreshing compared to other brands?

I think the USP of these tinted lip balms is that the shades they come in are so unique, flattering and well thought out. When I usually come across lip crayons like these, it's just so boring when they come in a typical red, pink, orange and nude shade. I mean for heavens sake I don't want to wear primary colours on my lips. Give us different shades of pinks and browns for once.

Make them look like Chanel and Dior minus the price tag and that's exactly what Pixi do when it comes to their Brilliance Lip Balms. Some shades are muted and feminine whilst some are fun, summery and bold but most importantly they are not clones of what already exists in the market.

Pretty Pink, Magnific Mauve & Baby Bare

These are super hydrating and dry to a natural finish after a while. Of course you'll have to re-apply after you eat and drink but the foolproof nature of these makes that a dream. They also stain the lips and leave a nice hint of colour so you're not left with a blank canvas when these wear off. I find them comfortable on the lips, not tacky or sticky, with just the right amount of colour, buildable and almost addictive. If you're in the market for new lip crayon or a chubby stick dupe then get these!

Unknown said...

I really liked he colours that you have. I tried the Pixi poreless flawless primer and I loved it. For full review check out my blog -


Anonymous said...

The colours look amazing and the packaging is great xxx


Sharlynn said...

Love all three shades, they look so glossy and moisturizing! Love it!




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