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Fake tanning Lotions, Mousse & Sprays: St. Tropez & KIKO

The sun is out already, well at least in my part of the city hence here's a mini round-up of my favourite fake tanning stash. My favourite formulation seems to be tanning gels and I feel nothing absorbs better into the skin than a well massaged liquid consistency. Mousse tend to be a hit or a miss for me at times and the only two I have liked are from KIKO and the cult-favourite St. Tropez of course. 

Both the self tanning spray and mousse by KIKO and St Tropez are super natural and dry to a matte finish. I find they need to be blended quickly though to avoid any tell tale lines. Also if you have dry skin or are lazy at moisturising your body just like me, it's best to start with an intense dose of hydration prior to fake tan application for the product to glide on easily. Without a moisturiser underneath, it's literally like making a sandwich without butter. St Tropez also do a Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser that I like to use underneath. It just helps the tan last longer and look more even in my opinion and smells lovely too!

KIKO's Self Tanning Day by Day Lotion is gorgeous and super hydrating. This one's actually my favourite of the bunch as although it delivers a light wash of colour, it deepens gradually within days. Perfect for a subtle, sun kissed glow. Also as you keep cleansing your face daily, this one doesn't have a chance to deepen as much to be honest hence I see it as a daily self tanner for a healthy glow rather than a gradual one. Also, the lotion can be used on the face as well.

St Tropez's Self Tan Bronzing Lotion for the face is of the perfect consistency. I usually avoid using body fake tanning products on the face. They are just not delicate and sensitive enough to use on the face as well hence when a product is marketed to be used on the face, it funnily gives me the mental satisfaction that it will be safe. It also leaves skin quite plump and nourished which I like. Perfect to top up a tan.

Lets hope the sunshine stay with us for longer so I can get more use out of my self tan products! Just to let you know that I already have tanned skin and would just use these to give me a sun kissed glow or to bronze up my pasty arms and legs that hardly see the sun.

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