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Crown Brushes Synthetic Infinity Range (UK dupes for Sigma)

I have my eyes on the synthetic brushes by Sigma since years but cannot justify paying atrocious shipping for them. Plus they always seem a little pricey in US dollars don't you think? Any how, I think Sigma is a little over rated and over priced for what it is. Afters years of wishing a UK brand would do similar synthetic brushes, I was ecstatic to see Crown Brush bring out a new range called Infinity which has exactly the same brushes as Sigma's synthetic brush range but...wait for it....for much less and minus the unreasonable shipping rates because it's a UK company. 

After umming and aahing over a few, I decided to get these two below namely the Pointed Blender and the Angle Contouring. I thought I could use them for eye shadows, concealer and contouring. Plus they only retail for £4.99 and £5.99 which I found super cheap for synthetic brushes. It's a little difficult for brands to scrimp on quality when it comes to synthetic brushes hence you'll usually find them priced higher than normal brushes. 

Coming to the quality of these, they are extremely dense and thick with just the right amount of give to them. They are not too stiff nor too flexible so quite easy to work with really. I feel they are kind to the skin especially when used around the eye area as non-synthetic hairs can tend to get a little rough on the edges and feel scratchy. Trust me, it's happened with my MAC brushes as well. Not the white hair one's of course.

I feel like they must have been made in the same factory as Sigma as I know quite a few other brands who do exactly the same brushes but at different prices and in different coloured brush handles. I like that Crown Brushes like to keep it simple on the appearance of the brushes to keep the prices low. I mean I like myself a baby blue brush that looks all pretty on the vanity but who doesn't mind paying less for the same thing eh?

I've been using these babies for concealer mainly and they would work pretty well if fluffy brushes like MAC 217 or your fingers don't seem to work for you just quite well. They seem to work just as well with liquids and cream textures so no complains there. Oh and most importantly, no drinking up the product! They do shed a teeny bit but I can deal with that.

On the whole, such a great bargain! Check out their Infinity Brush range here.

Steph said...

I just spent a whir load of money on crow. Brushes at imats. Their store just amazed me! I didn't pick these up though as I have the sigma ones already z

Catriona Martin said...

I really wanted to get Sigma brushes but couldn't find anywhere decent to get them, these look really good though! I ended up buying ones from Bdellium Tools :)


Sheefa F said...

@Catriona - I have some from Bdellium tools and they're such good dupes for MAC!

hanidee said...

When I saw these brushes on Crown, I wanted to purchase the whole line but I'm always out of luck because they sell out so fast!




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