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Hammamas Turkish Towels: A Holiday/Beach Must-Have!

Have you seen the cartoon movie ‘The Lorax’ where this little ambitious boy develops a multipurpose fashion scarf called ‘Thneed’ and it becomes a rage. It could be worn as a stylish turban or accessorised as a skirt or a scarf. The possibilities of it were endless and consumers created new ways of styling it every day which soon became viral. The Hammamas remind me of just that! They are light weight beach towels made from cotton sourced from Turkey and are not only pretty looking compared to your traditional bobbley towel but also better at absorbing water with super quick drying time. 

How many of you have been annoyed with a wet, heavy towel weighing down your head, trying to balance it like a pole dancer whilst doing your make-up and juggling a cuppa? *both hands up*. At home, we learn to deal with it. But on a beach or a holiday, I personally would opt for a lighter, more modern alternative as such, especially if it can be doubled as a sarong, beach wrap, scarf, bath robe, pool towel, table cover…phew!

I love how Hammamas travel towels play around with stripes of all shapes while keeping the prints of these simple, classy and subdued. Of course if you love yourself a bit of colour like I do, you’ll love their Original range which is jam packed with bright pinks, denim blues, vibrant yellows and rich purples. If you’re more an elegant babe, their Resort and Marine range will be right up your street for a subtle pop of demure colour.

Did you know the Turkish towel has history behind it? They have been an integral part of rural Turkey since the 18th century and were commonly used in Turkish Baths and prior to ceremonies and occasions? Why they gained popularity initially was due to the fact that they were hand woven making them of superior, long lasting quality with the tasselled fringes being hand-knotted too. Gradually over time, style and design was incorporated into these making them a chic bathroom staple in most homes.

I am planning to go on a beach holiday (fingers crossed! Will it be Greece or Spain?) in late summer and I never thought a towel would make it to my wish list but it has! I usually am overloaded with luggage but I’m sure this will slip in somewhere between my flats and make-up bag quite easily without occupying much space at all due to its compact, portable design and light weight.

I know Turkish hammam towels have always come with clean, crisp prints as these but I really hope Hammamas branch out to more quirky, edgy designs in the future for the fashionista or perhaps come printed with inspirational quotes which I cannot get enough of these days.

Do you have a travel towel? Do you take one with you on a holiday or rely on hotel supplies? Would you dare to wear the Hammamas as a beach wrap, sarong or a turban? Let me know!

Kiera said...

I used them as wedding gifts. Try these guys out. They have the best selection and prices.




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