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Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Fragrance

Created by a radical perfume designer Geza Schoen, Escentric Molecules is not new as I believe it released sometime in 2008. Can you believe I've jumped on the bandwagon just now? This like many other things in the blogosphere is something that not everyone will like. You'll either love it or hate it. But that too is a quality that distinguishes a brilliant product from a mediocre product. It not only makes it niche but also goes out to say that clearly only a few people will appreciate it's beauty as it's not a mass produced product. I always like that sort of claim.

Simplistic packaging, a plain glass bottle and quirky little box that houses the tiny bottle forces one hard to concentrate merely on the scent of the product. Sometimes we get so caught up in packaging that product quality comes second in the list and I am guilty of doing that with high-end products myself. This baby however survives on quality. The description says that the scent works on 'effect' instead of fragrance notes and is in fact made up of just one ingredient hence the name. So although it is primarily woody and musky, it apparently will smell different on every body depending on their body chemistry.

On me it smells woody, clean and sweet, in a subtle manner. You actually stop smelling it on yourself after 20 minutes or so but people around you can still smell a hint of it. It funnily has a cool and refreshing aura to it and I'd go ahead to say, it's quite a unisex fragrance too in my opinion. Men can easily get away wearing it  just as well as the ladies. It's lasting power is not bad either. A shower later and it's still there.

Oh and all that jazz about it smelling differently on different people, that's so true. It's more fruity on some. Aah... the joy of trying it out on different people and finding that it smells the best on you - yeah just that. You can get a 30ml bottle for £38 from Cult Beauty. Give it a sniff! It's interesting, unique and definitely eccentric!

Lauren Baker said...

I really need to give this a whiff since I keep hearing how nice it is. xx




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