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Alpha H Liquid Gold - Holy Grail or Hyped?

Undoubtedly Caroline Hirons of Beauty Mouth is the blogging queen when it comes to in depth skin care. I am sure you'll find her raving about Alpha H Liquid Gold somewhere on her blog if you want to have a read of an industry professional's opinion.

I am a tiny bit late on jumping on the Liquid Gold band wagon apparently as Bloggers and YouTubers have had this baby in their desert island favourites since years now. I for once found it's £30+ price tag a tad bit expensive and rather 'luxurious' a year ago. You know when you have this fancy toner in your skincare wishlist but never end up purchasing it because quite frankly you don't 'need' it. It's a luxury believe it or not.

But as Caroline Hiron says, if you can spend around £300 on a branded handbag, you might as well spend it on a skincare product that value as it's the only face you've got! Now I'm not that extravagant to splurge on a Louis Vuitton but I do spend around £50 quite easily on Topshop hangbags so this seemed totally justified via this theory. Then came the bargain from the godsend retail outlet namely Ebay and I bagged it for under £30. Voila!

So according to the description on the bottle, it sounds more of an anti-ageing product than anything else. It's key ingredient that everyone's gaga over - Glycolic Acid. What I know about it is that it has a teeny-tiny molecular structure making it the perfect ingredient to absorb into the skin. Also, Glycolic Acid acts more like an exfoliant hence making this a liquid exfoliant rather than a toner.

Primarily, it's meant to speed up the collagen renewal process of the skin that is responsible for keeping skin firm and tight and keep wrinkles at bay. However, alongside that, regular exfoliating geared at anti-ageing, for instance three times a week like with this product can also help get rid of blemish scars, sun spots, pigmenatation and reduce breakouts substantially. 

Basically it's non-abrasive exfoliating qualities don't spread acne like how traditional beaded exfoliators would, making it suitable for sensitive skin as well. Exfoliation is a wonderful process on it's own which solves a multitude of skin problems I found. As dead skin is peeled off so are the scars & pigmentation, clogged pores are cleansed inside out reducing chances of breakout and skin care products are absorbed better. 

In my experience with it after a few months, I feel it has completely gotten rid of any blemish scars that I had previously. I had a huge problem of them leaving behind tell tale signs and taking months to fade but it's amazing how it fades them in days, alongside calming down the breakout/spot overnight. I've never found it to irritate my combination-dehydrated skin hence I use it sparingly on the neck and arms at present where I'm trying to get rid of blemish scars.

I am not sure how strongly it works at keeping skin young as at 24, I really cannot comment on that. Fingers crossed it will keep wrinkles at bay! I highly recommend it for exfoliation if you suffer from lack lustre skin. I always have a very evident glow the morning after applying this. It almost makes my skin look HD and I can stare and scrutinise it in my magnifying mirror quite confidently. 

It's one of those products that are miraculous for some within days but for me it's been a slow journey but I definitely feel it has made a difference in my skin texture. I feel this alongside Effaclar Duo makes a killer combination to keep skin looking amazing without the need of piling on tonnes of Foundation this season.

I give it the Holy Grail status. I think I can live without it but I am thankful I gave it a go.  

p.s. It can leave skin looking a tad bit dry the morning after use so you'll need to up the ante with your moisture injecting products. 
natasha @ eyebrows inc said...

i had a sample of this ages ago and loved it so much, and i only got round to purchasing the full size a few days ago, like you said it's quite a bit of cash to part with. worth every penny though in my opinion, and 100ml will last a long time!

Heather Davern Makeup said...

I love this stuff! It actually makes a noticeable difference. Their Micro Cleanse is fantastic too :)

cowbiscuits said...

I thought liquid gold was poppers!
This sounds good though :P xx

Sylvie Helen said...

I'm intrigued by this, I have been all over AHA's etc recently x

Lima said...

This was my first Alpha H product!

I liked it but do agree with you on the drying front. I'd apply a few drops of serum on top after applying.






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