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Agera Deep Cleansing Salicylic Acid Face Wash

I absolutely love my skincare products especially those containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid. If you don't know already, salicylic acid is something that cleanses the pores from inside out unlike other ingredients that merely clear the skin of superficial impurities lurking on the top most layer of the skin.

Generally I would use Salicylic acid in skincare products such as face masks and spot treatments but I'm loving using this salicylic acid face wash for the first time. I feel it's so much more effective than a spot treatment. This particular face wash contains 1.8% salicylic acid which I know is not too extreme but not too little to be ineffective either.

In my opinion the formula is mild, does not sting or leave skin taut and feels quite comfortable after use. I don't find myself running around hunting a moisturiser but having said that, it is formulated for oily, acne prone skin so don't expect it to be super hydrating as well. 

The formula is like a clear gel that's not too sticky nor too runny. You only need an almond sized amount to cleanse the face and the neck and it lathers nicely giving that super refreshing, squeaky clean skin. Seeing the generous 180ml size this comes in, I can see it lasting me for a good six months with occasional use. 

I think it dried out certain areas of my face such as the sides of the nose and the chin but that's the only downfall to using a Salicylic acid based face wash I guess. You'd have the advantage of only applying product to where it's needed if this would be a spot treatment. Bad skin phases however require something like this that covers that entire face and you can then put the moisture back into where needed.

I personally would only reserve this face wash for bad skin phases, you can definitely tell when you have them right? It's when you do everything right but still your skin breaks out of control, yeah just that. I'd use it for say a couple of weeks until skin feels balanced and manageable and then go back to using something that can maintain my skin rather than cure. 

My skin's usually pretty well behaved as I found it a few products that it loves but it's acting mental recently with a breakout every few days. Agera's Deep Cleansing Face Wash has been a saviour! I would say it's perfect for acne prone, oily skin to use on a daily basis and worth an investment for combination skin girls to treat a breakout. 

Az said...

This looks interesting is it a foaming cleanser or more of a creamy one. Thanks

Az said...

This looks interesting is it a foaming cleanser or more of a creamy one. Thanks

Sheefa F said...

It's a foaming cleanser Azra but minus the tight feeling skin after using it :)

beano54 said...

Not heard of this range
Sounds good




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