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2013 Spring/Summer Hairstyles

I bring to you my latest picks of the Spring/Summer hairstyles of 2013 witnessed on the ramp and amidst celebs that will quickly translate into a high street phenomenon this Summer.

The shoulder length bob with fringe - Doesn't it immediately ooze sophistication and elegance while making your face appear slimmer and framed beautifully? From Selena Gomez to Gywneth Paltrow, every celebrity has tested it out at least once. 

A foolproof hairstyle for the square faced ladies like myself I believe. It contours the strong jaw bone spot on. The fringe adds a hint of cuteness and the mid length works beautifully at striking middle ground – making the hairstyle appear modern, fresh, feminine and up to date for 2013. My personal favourite! 

I have been wanting to bite the bullet and rock this apparently ‘safe’ hairstyle since years but those with long hair might know it can be a little bit intimidating. Having said that, I know it would immediately make me look younger and fresh, not to forget force me to get rid of those 2 inches of split ends! Yikes!

The half tuck with straight textured hair and twists or halo braids at the back – I don’t know about you but I have always had this habit where I unconsciously tuck hair behind my ears. We all know that’s a more convenient look but usually don’t resort to it because it’s not deemed to be stylish. Not anymore! A tonne of runway models (It was Pucci & Gucci I believe) this Summer have been seen sporting this latest hairstyle for 2013, with most of the hair tucked back and a few strands left in the front. 

It’s usually accompanied with full length, textured hair with some angelic halo braids or easy festival friendly twists at the back to inject back some style. To make the most of this hairstyle, grow out your short hair and ensure it’s all neatly cut into one length without any signs of hair damage or split ends. Glossy is the key!

Half up, half down wet hair – I never really thought wet hair could be a look that could be translated from the runway to the high street but just like all other things, 2013 is proving to be a year where change isn’t afraid to happen. Of course at first I saw it being rocked by sky high supermodels on the runway with their slim contoured faces but when I saw it placed half up and half down first on an unconventional model and then a woman on the train, this latest hair trend immediately looked much easier to pull off and weatherproof too. 

I love the interesting combination of the slick upper hair and the carefree lower locks. It makes it look effortlessly chic and super-model like in minutes. Just make sure you’ve found the perfect product to slick back your hair neatly. Of course a good trim at the hairdressers is vital to make sure no split ends ruin it’s classy effect.

Hair nets (Jean Paul Gaultier) & pastel hair get a special mention as albeit unusual and not an everyday look, these Summer hairstyles are quite bold to pull off for a night out or a special event. Pastel pink hair with cool ashy undertones gives a soft, creamy look and compliments all skin tones.

Check out Leeds Hairdressers Jon Kinsey's if you live around the area as they have some of the best prices and hairstylists out there to get your hair updated for this season. Get some inspiration from the otherwise subtly dressed Anne Hathaway who recently sported a blonde bob at the Met Gala red carpet.

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