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Did you know Cargo Make-up's now available in UK?

Well now you do! From April/May 2013, you shall be able to find them at Debenhams & BeautyBay. They have always been popular in the US and on film sets and I remember always hunting for bits and pieces of their popular products on ebay for almost double the price after watching American YouTube gurus rave about them hence I was ecstatic to know that Brits can now have easy and reasonable access to them.

There's this thing about Cargo Cosmetics where you'll never doubt it's quality. In fact they have always been known for their amazing quality if you read online about them. I remember their Water Resistant Powder Blush in 'Tonga'(£19) was always the rage and I finally have it in my possession now. I have to admit, it's worth all the hype and is the most stunning yet wearable mid-tone pink in my collection. It's warm and gives a winter tan effect which I cannot get enough of. If you find wearing pink blushes difficult, you'll love this this one!

The Powder Eyeshadow in 'Cyprus' (£12) is a gorgeous shade of brown with a hint of grey shot through it making it lean towards the 'taupe' category. It's nice and warm to bring out green/blue eyes and complement any au naturale look this season. The subtle shimmer only adds further dimension to the shade preventing it from looking flat. It's nicely pigmented, not too much nor too faint and lasts all day. The tiny tin packaging of the shadow gives it such a cute vintage effect!

Last but not the least, their Lip Gloss in 'Paris' (£7.50) is the most romantic shade of red. It's not too warm or too cool, making it more wearable for those who feel red can make them look like a hooker immediately. It's intensely pigmented for a Lip Gloss and you only need a tiny amount. If you're going to rock red this festival season, you'd only need this dinky addition to your vanity.

Eli Doinoff said...

I loved the Big Easy blush, but I wouldn't buy a whole tin - it's just too big and I won't be able to use it up... Like never :D

Supergirl said...

Never heard about this brand before:) would be nice to try it:)

Supergirl said...

Never heard about this brand before:) would be nice to try it:)

Alina said...

I am loving the blush! And the lip gloss is just stunning!

Get Gawjus! said...

@Eli - I totally agree! Will still have this in 10 years time I'm guessing lol.

@Supergirl - You need to try something from them. Not sure why they aren't written about enough.

@Alina - I cannot agree more :D




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