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Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation - I don't get the hype!

I like how it's very, very light in formulation. If this was a powder, I'd call it finely milled. Consequently you do not feel it sitting on your skin or even on your skin at all. Also, due to it's light, foolproof formulation you can literally slap this on your face in a hurry with your fingers and rub it in like a moisturiser. All it will give you is even skin, without any streaks or smudges at all. I cannot praise the formula enough for how idiot proof it is. If you were a Make-up Artist, you wouldn't even need a mirror to do a full face with this baby.

HOWEVER (note the capitals please), I don't like it on my skin. It very slightly reminds me of Chanel's Perfection Lumiere which I despised only due to its finish. This is obviously way lighter than that but the finish on me is just not flattering. My skin's not even playing up at present so I cannot blame it on that. Perhaps its just a matter of preference but I feel that it:

- Does not work in sync with concealers/they don't blend in well
- Dries up too quickly and my skin drinks it up looking very slightly prunish
- Exaggerates any expression lines/pigmentation

And for all this, it does not provide enough coverage for my Asian/Indian skin tone with pigmentation around the mouth area to be able to compromise with. I cannot see how this would work on dry skins at all. 

I personally have combination skin so it should have worked wonders however I realised over time that I do not prefer foundations that dry to even a slight matte finish as this does. I like to start with a dewy foundation in the first place and then decide which areas I want to mattify.

Having ranted so much about it above, I am still however going to use up my tube as the colour match I have is absolutely amazing and I cannot not use up a Foundation that matches my NC30 skin tone so well. It's also super convenient to travel with so I'll be using it up then and I'm guessing it will be perfect for the Summer months due to its watery consistency if I can find a concealer to work with it.

All in all, I tried using it with a brush and I wasn't pleased, used it with my fingers and it was only workable so in a nutshell, too much work needed for it in my case which I am not impressed with.

Go on, tell me how it contrastingly worked for you beautifully! *flaunts a jealous face already*

Unknown said...

nice review... it's good to read how something not work for others from time to time. help us make better decisions on whether or not to try certain product!
by the way, i notice the pink brush holder in the background, i got those too, from Ikea! :P

Sheefa F said...

@Jacq - Glad you liked the post :) Gotta love a bit of Ikea!

Nikki said...

I was thinking of buying this foundation a while ago, I think I will give it a miss now because I have such dry areas around my nose. I prefer the dewy look especially coming into summer. Great review!

Lima said...

Oh dear, this sounds awful. Staying well clear of this!

Sucks you have to have to use it up though. I HATED illamsqua's skin base, think it was the consistency that did it. It's quite slippery, and just feels YUCK on my face. I'm trying my best to finish it off then I can forget all about my horrific experience. xo

Sheefa F said...

@Halima - I am on the same boat with you when it comes to skin base. Everyone loved it but it creased like crazy on me :(

Sami said...

Nooooo! I adore this foundation and it's one of my all time faves lol! Maybe it depends on your skintone... Mine is combination and it works really well x




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