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Dove Skin Emergency Kit (coz it snows in March now eh?)

In my entire stay in UK, this is seriously the first time I have seen such frequent snow in London during March. It's like the weather's having a crazy trip that it doesn't want to recover from. Sometimes the sky's clear blue and the sun shining bright, when all of a sudden you see a whirlwind of flurries. Pure mental I tell you!

It really confuses the heck out of people whether to use rich body butters or light body lotions and the perfect mix for this transitional period I found is good old Dove! I have always been a fan of their body washes and hair products but never really been into their skin care and I have to say I am impressed. It's just so affordable yet of superb quality that when you compare it to pricey body lotions, it's unbelievable how much we tend to spend when we can get pretty much the same but for less.

The Dove Essential Nourishing Lotion is the perfect consistency in my opinion as it's highly hydrating but does not feel heavy on the skin or even like you have applied it all after a few minutes. This I am saying in a good way as although skin feels healthy and supple without any hint of dryness, you cannot detect the texture of the lotion at all. If getting into your clothes with a moisturised body is a pet peeve due to the mess involved, you need this one in your life.

The Dove Intensive Nourishing Lotion on the other hand is for very dry skin as it states on the bottle and is perfect for the super ignored legs and thighs that need a little more help. It sinks in quickly but leaves a protective layer making the skin of that area comfortable and not itchy or flaky for hours. I would use it for elbows, knees and feet as its that tiny bit more richer in texture. 

I had no idea Dove did hand creams! They look uber cute to be honest and have quickly become handbag favourites due to their travel friendly size. The Shea Butter one in particular is my favourite as it smells subtly of chocolate, just warm and delicious.

The Essential Nourishment one on the other hand has a neutral scent which I believe is perfect for guys and girls who prefer scent free products. Both absorb quickly into the skin but the Shea Butter one was a tad bit more hydrating and intensive I found that the other that's light and perfect for sweaty hands instead.

If you're under the weather too, treat yourself and your body to some nourishing treats instead of just sulking about it. You have to have faith that Spring will come, one day, slow and steady but it WILL. Fingers crossed.

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