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Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Body Lotion: Hibiscus & Fig

I am loving Figs at the moment as I have only recently discovered how great they taste as a dried fruit and what a godsend alternative they are to chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth and want an alternative for those cravings, try dried figs and I'm sure you love them. I also love how they smell! Just so delicious, warm, comforting yet sweet hence their increasing use in skin care products. Hibiscus on the other hand is a beautiful flower that has a fresh, sweet and refreshing scent, very Spring like I believe hence the combination of both these ingredients make this Body Lotion an aromatic delight!

Besides the aromatic aspect of the lotion, Hibiscus has anti-bacterial properties where as Figs are known to provide nourishment to the skin alongside making it baby soft. The lotion also contains Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Dead Sea Mineral extracts which are extremely conditioning, hydrating and repairing for the skin. I like how it's luxurious in texture and scent yet feels super light on application, absorbing almost instantly leaving a dewy glow on the skin as if you're just back from a holiday. Having said that, it doesn't leave a thick, heavy residue behind and is rather light and fluffy in consistency.

It dries to a silky smooth finish, like how skin would feel after a good wax session so no wonders it's called the 'Velvet' Body Lotion. The 400ml bottle is humongous and should last those lazy with body moisturising like myself a good six months. Considering how gigantic it is, I find £25 quite a reasonable amount to spend on it especially if you're a sucker for luxurious body creams that smell gorgeous.

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