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Illamasqua's Blush Up Brush - modelesque cheekbones in a swipe!

I have never actually looked into Illamasqua's brushes before purely because I already have a tonne of brushes and also because I do find them very slightly pricey. So I was thrilled to find this in my goody bag in their launch event considering I have only heard good things about them till date. 

Now that the I'mperfection collection has launched on the Illamasqua website, I thought I shall do a little rave post about their new Blush-up Brush that aims to revolutionise the way women typically apply blushes i.e. in round, circular motions on the apples of their cheeks. Of course it might be flattering for those with longer, slimmer faces and help bring out the 'flesh' in the face and give a more wholesome look. However not so foolproof on ladies with a round, squarish face is it now? 

I am guilty of applying blusher on the apples of the cheeks mostly because I feel it shows the colour more and I usually only associate sculpting or contouring with the bronzer technique and not so much with blusher. 

So I gave it a try after being sceptical at first and was amazed to find how absolutely easy it is to apply blush on the cheekbones with this blush. It's stubby and dense for that sharp, high cheekbone effect yet soft at the same time to make blending a dream. The trick according to Illamasqua is to begin sculpting from under your cheekbones and drag it upwards hence the name 'Blush-up' brush creating an ombre, gradually fading effect. If you suck at contouring, this will be your easy way out to fake those high, runway cheekbones. 

I personally like to use this brush with my unloved blushers (mostly the uber bright Sleek ones) that I cannot wear on the apple of the cheeks due to their colour. This gives me a chance to experiment with them subtly as they peek oh so slightly from behind the hollows of the cheeks. Plus it's just so unique when a hint of hot pink or bright coral pops out from behind the cheekbones.

Will you be forking out £28.50 for this? I feel it's slightly overpriced but well worth it if you have a round, chubby or square face and non-existent cheekbones.

The Procrastinator said...

My brush addicted self is already mentally playing with this one! It looks much better than the MAC version from last year

Rakhshan said...

this brush looks brilliant! x

Sheefa F said...

@The Procrastinator - It is much more well made than the MAC brushes I have tried till date. I had no idea MAC did a similar one though!

DluxEdition.com said...

That brush looks brilliant! You made me want it! :D

Tuba said...

I HAVE to have this, will go down to Beak Street tomorrow to get it! You are right, Illamasqua brushes are so much better than Mac brushes, I love their chunky kabuki brush for applying bronzer to the body, it's the softest thing ever, I recommend you touch it when you're in Illamasqua next, you'll be amazed!! :)


Unknown said...

I ordered this brush today. I have to say Illamasqua make really good brushes

Sheefa F said...

You guys are tempting me to get more brushes from Illamasqua :) So glad so many of you liked the look of this!

Sami said...

I think i need this brush! I love contouring but can never seem to find the right brush for it (they're usually too big)!




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