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Current Favourite Eye Make-up Removers

Yes I know, quite a dull topic to be honest but crucially important if you do not want to get wrinkly in your 30's! It is a general rule in skincare not to drag and pull, especially around the delicate eye area. You see, we only do that whilst removing make-up with all the tugging and pulling going around with the waterproof mascara and those stubborn eye shadow stains. Why not avoid it in the first place and invest your time, effort and money in good quality eye make-up removers that actually work.

Now by money I do not mean I am going to spend a freaking thirty quid on these. I might when I'm in my 30's, who knows but for now I'll stick to my wallet friendly options.

Starting with the one that comes under a fiver ladies. You heard me right, under a fiver! It's cheaper than breakfast for 1 at Starbucks. The brainchild of ex-Estee Lauder Marketing Executive, the Amie Bright Eyes eye make-up remover is teen friendly, great for sensitive eyes and removes every day eye make up in just a few soaks. Its free from that strong astringent like smell and is not an oil-based product as well for those of you who are fond of water based cleansers. It's texture and feel is almost watery and it's simple and effective to use without any fuss at all.

If on the other hand you like to go heavy on the eyes with a winged out liner, smoky look and full on lashes, you might like to invest in Clinique's Take the day off Makeup Remover which is more potent and oil based, helping dissolve the makeup better and quicker without any tugging or pulling. When I use this, I like to finish it off with a final soak of the above cleanser by Amie so there isn't any oily residue on the face. What's also ingenious about this is that it works just as well on the lips especially when you're working with lipsticks that leave behind a stain (hello Sleek!).

I used to never believe in eye make-up removers and would rather compromise with a good old wipe but trust me, face wipes are nasty and will leave skin dry and parched plus all that tugging is surely not good if you're concerned with ageing. I am trying to abandon face wipes totally from my life (they can stay in my handbag of course) and replace my vanity with a heap of cotton wool and cleansers. Out of sight is out of mind they say!

Unknown said...

would love to try out the first eye makeup remover.Loved your short n brief review n comparison :)

Unknown said...

I want to try Clinique one...Nice reviews... Bi-phase are any day better than creme based/cleansing lotions/wipes...




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