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Call me Face Mask crazy?

After long baths, a good workout session, therapeutic candles and a delicious cupcake, these are the only other pick-me-up's on a bad day that actually work. Bad skin days are usually accompanied when you have the blues so it always helps to have these at rescue and give your skin the much needed TLC.

I love face masks and you can call me a fan if you please as I do tend to use them twice a week most probably. The ones you see below do not consist of my entire collection but rather the ones I have been loving since the past month or so.

Some might find Face Masks excessive and time consuming to use more than once a week however unlike a decade ago, they have dramatically changed in texture (no peel off's thank god!) and the time they need to be kept on (from 5 minutes to overnight) making them an easy extension to everyday skincare.

All of these are tried and tested and absolutely brilliant. Something I would highly recommend for you to try out however below is just a breakdown of my favourites. 

Starting with my favourite one, Ahava Hydration Cream Mask that I have been resorting to lately to replenish the dehydration level in my skin. It contains Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Dead Sea Mud and Vitamin E as it's main ingredients. Yes I have combination skin but it has many a times been detected as dehydrated as well, which I believe are skin conditions that can coexist. So I have to opt for such intensely hydrating treatments now and then to keep skin supple and bouncy and avoid flaky, chapped areas. 

It's an unusual creamy texture that I massage into the skin until it almost disappears and then leave on for 15 minutes or overnight if skin's feeling very dry. It does not break me out which is fabulous news and is more like an overnight cream that actually works at restoring moisture levels. It feels lovely and comfortable to apply leaving skin fresh rather than heavy and overtly moisturised. Give it a try between season transitions if your skin's behaving thirsty. 
Next up is Dirty Works Brightening Mask which is much like your traditional Orange/Citrusy mask minus the peel off aspect to it. It contains Vitamin C which helps with exfoliating the skin naturally and getting rid of dead skin cells in just under 15 minutes. A new layer is revealed and skin is left feeling detoxed and brighter than before.

It smells gorgeously fruity and is perfect for when you have breakouts or if you find your skin looking dull and lacking lustre. I also help it to control the sebum level in combination skin and make it appear more balanced and easy to maintain. I can see myself getting a tonne of use out of it in the Summer. A great one for young problematic skin as it's quite mild and respects sensitive skin.
The Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask is a stunner, absolutely versatile and my all time favourite. Why? Because it can solve almost anything if you combination skin that is dehydrated. Funnily enough it acts like a facialist by replenishing moisture in dry areas and controlling oil and reducing spots in problematic areas, hence called the 'Facial Mask' eh?

I feel my skin looks brighter, refreshed and more awake and if I am having a 'spotty' time of the month, the clay in this product helps sooth and dry out spots. Must-have for confused skin ladies in their 20's! Because it's good quality and not potent, I use it quite often to the extent that it's almost addictive.
A fairly new discovery, the Renu Flash Relax Mask is geared towards anti-ageing, something I feel I fortunately do not need to worry about just now. However as I have it in my vanity, I do like to use it once in a while and it works pretty well at tightening the pores and lifting the skin subtly. I feel the end result is a lovely glow! Not a must-have for any particular skin type but worth a try if you're in your 30's and worried about ageing.

Are you obsessed with Face Masks? Do you see them as an occasional treat or just an extension to your skincare? Any must-haves, do let me know as I always need a reason to explore :)

Whats on your tulips said...

I haven't used a face mask in ages but think I definitely need to get back into using them to sort my dry skin out. Thank you for all the different suggestions. x


Nee said...

The only facemasks I've done are the Lush fresh face mask and the one use packet ones from Superdrug. I would really love to try some of these as I think facemasks really improve my skin making it more even toned. x

Ellen Grace said...

I really want to try the Liz Earle one, youre so lucky I'd love to try all of these!

A little bit Unique


Lima said...

You have an awful lot of face masks! But then again, who am I to talk? Haha.

I'm currently lving Jamela's Overnight Facial Masks. It's in a gel formula, in the morning my skin GLOWS. X




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