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Ren Exfoliating Body Balm

This baby by Ren is the queen of all Exfoliators. True story.

It doesn't look very appealing, inside or out. It's a plain white huge pot with an off white balm like exfoliator inside that smells a bit like medicine and a bit like minty oils. But it works, quite effectively at taking off all that flaked, chapped layer you are nastily carrying around since the snow fall and leaving skin quite literally baby butt smooth.

It also seems safe for sensitive skin taking into consideration that it's free from all artificial nasties and approved by professionals who know their skin stuff well. Regarding the texture of the balm itself, it's not overtly moisturising in the sense that your skin will not be oozing with oil after use which is a good thing. It's in fact of a very dry nature, like you've mixed a tonne of bath salt into Vicks. 

It manages to be abrasive enough to do its job effectively and leave such wonderfully, brand new skin behind. The novelty of this? It can (or is recommended to be) used on dry skin. I personally like to pair it with a body brush before a shower to get some body brushing and exfoliating done at the same time. A bit like using your favourite scrub or cleanser with a clarisonic! It works wonders to achieve smooth, toned thighs if incorporated with a workout routine. 

You can of course use it in the shower wet as well but it works more thoroughly when used dry. The humongous 330ml tub retails for £20 which is dirt cheap considering you get so much product inside. Also, the dry, grainy, balmy texture means you only need a little bit even when working with large surface areas of the body.

It's a cult favourite apparently and those who have used it before cannot stop raving about it. Such a shame that I only discovered it recently. Well, better late than never eh!

The Unprofessional Beauty Blog said...

This sounds like a great product. I may give this a try as I'm almost done with my current body scrub.

The Procrastinator said...

Have you tried Fresh's body scrub? If so, how does this compare? I've been exfoliating with one of those japanese bath towels but some of these products smell so scrummy I really want one =)

Sheefa F said...

@The Unprofessional Beauty Blog - Yes do give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

@The Procrastinator - I haven't actually tried the Fresh Body Scrub but you have intrigued me to look up the japanese bath towels!




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