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Neom Organic Body Scrub...So delicious, you can scoop out and eat!

Now I don't suggest you literally grab a soup spoon and start digging in on a Monday evening but this beauty here is a work of art. The product development peeps at Neom have worked hard at creating a quality product, that stands out in the crowd putting the rest to shame.

That too in a market with shelves overflowing with 'organic' products and scrubs that will give you the velvetest (that's a word, use it next time!) skin be it winter or summer, this one actually works according to what it claims and sweeps you off your feet on just a sniff.

Long story short, me and my sister hate body scrubs and find them tedious especially as we don't use fake tan and don't have extremely dry skin conditions, meaning no 'real' need to exfoliate the body. I mean I do use them occasionally but you literally have to chain me to the shower for that to happen. I'd rather spend more time drenching my hair in masks then trying to peel of dead skin cells from my arms and legs that I will anyway smother with cardigans.

If you can relate to the above condition, you'll love this one! It gives you plenty of reasons to use the product, the primary one being it's out of this world scent. Don't get me wrong I like my Neom candles but the scent of this is times ten.

It's that universally lovable sultry, smoky, musky and very slightly rosey scent that makes me want to go the shower to use it. It's actually Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood. The texture of this is very finely milled sugar granules with a slightly watery texture, I am guessing due to the added Jojoba and Safflower Oils.

The result is extremely hydrated, super soft feeling skin that does not need topping up with a moisturiser, at least in my case. Oh and you'll smell real good too as the scent lingers around for long. I find it particularly useful for lazy areas such as the legs where I don't usually moisturise and this way, can even get away with it.


Nicole Abou said...

I'm looking for a body scrub! This seems to be amazing!

Supergirl said...

This looks amazing!! Need to give it a go:)
I am a huge lover of scrubs - I use it all the time I have a shower:) I have time for it while having mask on my hair:)

C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

this scrub looks lush, I' a firm fan of the soap and glory sugar crush one but this looks like a natural version of it!
I love 'real' smells and cannot stand synthetic ones so i seem to be moving away from cheap stuff and ones like these are very appealing!


Get Gawjus! said...

@Supergirl - Aah yes that sounds like a good idea as I love hair masks!

@C.S.I Beauty Blog - I know exactly what you mean by synthetic scents. This one smells like an exotic forest!




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