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Monotheme 'Apotheose De Rose' Fragrance

Now that snow is slowly smothering all of UK, I thought there cannot be a better time to write about a Spring Fragrance - just to banish the winter blues and not to add fuel to the fire in any way you see.

It's a fruity floral fragrance this one. I am not a huge fan of fragrances that start off with a fruity note as I personally like warm, woody, rich or artificial scents if you know what I mean rather than the fresh and fruity side of things. Apotherose De Rose starts off with sharp, cirtusy and almost bitter notes of mandarin and pear.

On me personally, scents bring out citrusy notes in a more pronounced manner I have noticed and similarly in this case, I simply wait for the strong orangey start off to dry down. Give it a few minutes and I prefer how the sweet rose middle notes takes take over, slowly but steadily but in a noticeable manner. 

Now apparently, the dry down is meant to consist of base notes such as patchouli, musk and tonka bean which I personally cannot detect, it's almost that neutral. I would have liked the dry down to ideally be more woody, warm and comforting but unfortunately its non existent on me. Regarding it's lasting power, its not brilliant in the sense that it's scent lingers around in clothes for days but it's good enough to last through out the day. 

The aura of this basically is more fresh, subtly upbeat and not sickly sweet. I like how it retails at an affordable £18 for a huge 100ml bottle. Would make a perfect, wallet friendly Valentine's or a Mother's Day pressie due to its beautiful packaging and also a cheap and cheerful addition to carry you through to the warmer months.

Monotheme available to purchase at M&S also do other delicious variations such as green tea, sweet violet, vanilla and musk which I highly recommend you have a sniff off at an M&S Beauty Hall.




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