Winter Wonderland 2012

What is it? If you're not familiar, it's London's dinky version of Disneyland that it puts up every year in Hyde Park in central London, somewhere around Christmas time continuing up to 6th January until holiday period comes to an end. If you are Londoner, you might know it can get a tad bit boring even whilst staying in the capital, if you're trying to continuously entertain yourself like I do. Amidst all the clubbing scene, sheesha bars and cafeteria's, this uber cute extravaganza stands out tremendously with crowds flocking to it like crazy, especially during weekends. Although, now would be the best time to pay it a visit as after Christmas as it tends to be a bit more peaceful :)

What's there to see? Well what's not there to see. Miniature versions of rides from theme parks, the amusing mirror house, a child friendly circus, an ice kingdom flaunting fascinating ice sculptures, a giant wheel that always freaks me out, delicious food in stalls and my absolute favourite, the ice rink!

Courtesy of BGO, I visited it a while ago and there was nothing not to love. The ice rink is HUGE. Larger than the one at Queensway and Stratford Westfield for sure! Keep in mind however that is is open and does not have a roof (although it does have some very gorgeous fairy lights!) so make sure to take your rain gear with you.


The Alpen Hotel, which has all sorts of funny mirror illusions inside it, moving bridges, spinning rooms, pebbles in water that you have to jump over and all that sort of fairy tale, mini adventure like simulation is totally worth a visit as well.

All in all, just choose a good dry day to enjoy an outing here during the holiday period.


Eye Rescue: Post Christmas & Pre New Year

All that alcohol and sodium from the salted potatoes during Christmas can lead to puffy eyes and swollen under eye bags, alongside dehydrating the under eye area and making the wrinkles look exaggerated and the dark circles even darker. That's obviously not a very glamorous look for the New Year, so here are a few of my trusty solutions to achieve a brighter set of peepers.

For Puffiness, Eye Bags & Dark Circles 

Okay, so no matter how gimmicky it may sound, these three below are my all rounders. Something I resort to to get rid of that hangover looking eyes. They have a cooling effect to them that 'wakes' up the eyes and are intensely hydrating. The Skin Wisdom Instant Benefits is a roll on tube, the metal ball from which is super soothing and effective at moving those fluids around. The Anatomicals one is specifically to combat eye bags and puffiness and reduces them slowly but surely, if you're looking for a cheap, frills free, simple alternative. Eyesilix on the the other hand is a fancy all rounder from Indeed Labs that I cannot live without. It makes the eye area look well hydrated and I can definitely see it fading the effect of dark circles and fine lines over time.

For Firming and Anti-Wrinkle

The two gems below are my favourite to tighten and firm the under eye area. If you are particularly looking for taut, smooth, wrinkle free skin - then these would be your best bet. I usually avoid such 'firming' creams as in the past I have found them to dry out my skin and make it crack however these ones are nicely hydrating as well which acts as a cherry on the top. The Re-affirm Eye Serum contains Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate and promote collagen production and works great to tighten the upper eye lid as well. Living Nature's Firming Eye Cream works effectively at making those very fine lines disappear and includes Harakeke extract, New Zealand's oldest plant that works best at healing and soothing.

For Illuminating & Brightening 

I have left these for the last as in effect they would be my last step to recover an 'eye hangover'. These are multi purpose products that are skin care but contain illuminating particles (not glitter!) so are in between skincare and make-up. The light reflecting particles they contain not only reflect back light taking attention away from the purply-blue dark circles but are equally hydrating leaving eyes looking fresh. The Skin Therapy Untired Eye Cream contains a colour corrector and finely milled golden reflective shimmer particles that glisten the under eye area like you're back from a holiday. 

The Murad Hybrid Eye Lift Illuminator and Perfector pens are ingenious as one is peachy to conceal and brighten and the other is lilacy in colour to counteract the dullness and sallowness. If you have good skin to begin with, you can use these as a concealer and if not, then these work great before or after applying concealer. 

If you have similar items lying around in your skincare them this is the time to get them out and and give your eyes the much needed TLC it needs. If not, I hope this provided you with options and alternatives to try out.


Giveaway Winners: Colour Xtreme Hair Art

Winner #1 Patricia Andre
Winner #2 Mesba Mehmood
Winner #3 Isaa
Winner #4 Jezzhae

Congratulations girls! You have won yourself two of these temporary hair colour sprays each!

I am emailing you now to get hold of your addresses and your prizes should be with you very soon :)

Stay tuned for more.


December Glossybox (pssttt...I love it!)

I have always slaughtered Glossybox's for one reason or another in the previous months but they have got it spot on this time with a good mix of face, body, nail, lip and cheek products with a cheeky addition of a fragrance sample to complete the head to toe pampering this festive season.

Also can you see there are 5 full sized products? The absolutely gorgeous, winter tan blusher is made by Kryolan for Glossybox and it's quality is beautiful. You saw my previous post on the Sleek Lipstick in Cherry that I am in love with. The Seche Nail Colour is a dusky, coppery pink and perfect for these pre-Christmas days.

Get it if you can still get your hands on its as for £10, you really cannot ask for more. It would make a great present for someone as well and because it's already presented in a gift box, you wouldn't have to spend anything extra on that.