Sanctuary Spa Sheer Indulgence

Skincare from Sanctuary Spa is one of gift sets that I thought would make a particularly stunning one as it comes housed in this huge box which can of course later be used for storage.

I absolutely love the Halloween inspired theme of colours that the brand uses, quite unconventional during Christmas when the town's painted red yet attention catching at the same time isn't it?

What you get inside is a treasure of bath and body goodies that the recipient would squeal with joy for. It contains a Body Wash, a Foaming Bath Soak, a Body Scrub, Salt Scrub, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Luxury Bath Float, Intensive Rescue Heel Balm and a Shower Cap.

I like the unlikely inclusion of a Heel Balm as I know I usually tend to ignore it often and would not otherwise bother to purchase it separately  The Luxury Bath Float is also a unique name for a product and something different to experiment with compared to bath oils and bath bombs.

The quality of the products is very rich yet quite usable on an everyday basis. Sanctuary Spa are known to make Spa grade products to recreate the atmosphere in the comfort of your home, so expect a lot of different therapeutic aromas, luxurious textures and so on. Having said that, they are all packed in a minimalistic manner, making them suitable for travel.

Overall, for 9 individual contents in a box, £40 is quite affordable in my opinion for someone like your mum who likes to indulge in a self-pampering session now and then or perhaps for someone who you feel needs some TLC during the festive season. Plus, I feel the gift box itself is worth the price you pay for as we all know how expensive these are when you buy them separately from card stores.



The Body Shop Fruit & Nut Lip Trio

Is not only gorgeously packed in a cracker box and would make a cute stocking filler but has some seriously good quality, intensely hydrating lip butters which are a saviour in this harsh weather. Especially in the part of the world I am in (gloomy London!), the weather's mostly fluctuating around -2 these days, sitting on the fence thinking whether to snow or not.

It's moody you see just like us Britons at present but what suffers in this climate confusion are the lips and oh so badly mine are. I have to exfoliate them every single day and if I don't, gritty, peely skin gathers all around and starts bleeding, which isn't quite elegant is it. 

What I have to do is to first apply a thin layer of these Lip Butters all over the lips to exfoliate them with a muslin cloth and once all the nasty bits are off, I seal the moisture with another thick layer of this. If you have seen my previous Lip Balm post, I tend to switch between many but for now its only this as the texture of it is pretty much like butter, making it the perfect food for those tortured lips. 

This particular trio for Christmas contains their best sellers namely Coconut, Mango and Shea. I have used the Shea Lip Butter a few years back and remember using up every last bit of it from the pot. The Coconut one smells scrumptious and the Mango one reminds me of mango ice cream and is just as addictive even if you're not a fruity scent lover.

For £8, it's a bargain from The Body Shop


Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle

No, it's not a stocking filler of the day for under £10 today. It's a rather expensive indulgent treat in the name of a candle at £45 - just to shake things up you see.

Sarcasm aside, I personally would not purchase a candle for this price at present as I cannot afford to (insert the obvious LMAO) but having said that, if I would have cash to splurge, I surely would get my hands on this  beauty.

I know quite a few people who would actually love to receive this as a present and would cherish it. Also because it's housed in such a chic leather like, mulberry coloured box, it looks beautiful as a decorative piece as well. It's like the Louis Vuitton of all candles isn't it?

Coming to the scent of the candle, I am rather bewildered by this one. Being usually decent at describing scents, I cannot put my finger on a few things that it smells of. I can surely smell fig strongly as I do love fig-inspired scents personally. Besides that, it's very warm, spicy and woody. I cannot smell anything flowery as mentioned on the back of the box, which is quite refreshing for a change in my opinion.

Quite a mature yet unusual winter scent that's not overpowering but also not something that can be ignored. Like it or hate it, it will be on your mind - it's that kind of a scent that grabs your attention and makes sure it's remembered.

It's one of those good quality candles that fills the room with its scent before you even start burning it. This particular one promises 60 hours burning time due to its humongous size. I like that it comes with a lid for when not in use as I despise leaving candles open, coming to find almost every fluff in the house stuck to the wax.

I am one of those people who believe in quality instead of quantity, so if you are looking for a foolproof opulent present for someone mature with a liking for all things chic, this would be it.



Models Own Show Stopper

Models Own came up with Show Stopper exclusive to Clothes Show Live and I had to show you what a beauty this is!

I am a huge fan of glitter nail polishes as they add that edge and dimension to otherwise flat, glossy nails. Of course, what better than the month of December to sport it on the streets without being the only one.

I love the lilac invasion in this polish with chunks of purple, lilac, pink and blue dominated with larger chunks of silver that reflect back beautifully. The quality is impressive and it's not bad at all when going on. One coat for a translucent finish and two coats for full on glitter invasion. However what was a nightmare was to get it off and because I couldn't,  I was rummaging around everywhere with bits and pieces of the leftover polish on my nails for quite a few days. Not glamorous now am I?

It reminds of those oh so popular American Apparel nail polishes that everyone was obsessed with a while ago in the blogosphere. It looks beautiful in the bottle and transfer pretty much the same on the nails as well. I love wearing the formula on its own or over other nail paints such as black. It really cannot get more festive on the nails than this!


Christmas & Casino Nails

Christmas and Casino go together somehow don't you think? They're like two peas in a pod. Online Casino games during the festive season are even more fun with the celebratory feel surrounding it all, making the experience even more exciting just like Ladbrokes have done so. 

I thought why not try and replicate the festive aura into some nail art. Now as you all might know, I'm not the best nail art person in the talented world of the web. Having said that, I absolutely loved these three shades by OPI to create something Christmasy. A bright yet classic red, a pigmented paper white and a pale mint green defines the month of December like no other. 

For a slap dash approach for quick Christmas DIY nails if precise designing is not your thing due to a non-existent patience level, painting different colours on alternate nails manages to look cute yet edgy, especially due to the paleness of that mint green polish.

If on the other hand you're one heck of a show off, nail art pro (I envy you!), then go ahead and try some casino themed designs for attention catching nails. 

Unfortunately even with the help of Konad Stencils in a Casino inspired pattern, me and my sister made a huge mess as you can obviously tell. If you minus the mess however and have wider and longer nails where the patterns would translate precisely, they'd actually look pretty cool in reality!
Have you decided already what nails you'll be sporting on Christmas? Will it be Christmas or Casino inspired or perhaps an amalgamation of both!