International Giveaway: Colour Xtreme Hair Art (4 sets)

Hey guys!

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend.

I have 8 bottles of Colour Xtreme Hair Art to giveaway to you guys, 2 each to 4 winners.

What these are is temporary colour of course but they also claim to glow in dark lights giving an uber cool effect. What's also cool is that they can be used to create a hair chalking effect that's been a rage on the runway this year as well as to replicate the coloured pastel ombre trend minus the commitment.

Of course these are temporary and wash off in the shower with warm water. I have tried a few and they are super pigmented and catch colour on darker hair but look amazing on red heads and blondes.

Especially as we are in the party season, I am sure you guys will get a lot of use out of these. Plus mix and match shades to create a gradual coloured strand.

Simply write your name and email address in the comments below and 4 random winners will be chosen and announced right here next Saturday.


Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour

I like fuss free cheek products sometimes. It removes the hassle of selecting a blusher depending on how I am feeling that particular day, complement it with my apparel and all that fancy stuff. Specially the ones that claim to react with your skin or body's chemistry to provide a bespoke colour that suits you perfectly!

I have tried a tonne of similar lip products before and albeit not a fan of all, Pixi's Magic Lip Tint is my absolute favourite and one everyone should try once. 

Smashbox's O-Glow on the other hand is the only such cheek product I have and I have to say I'm not disappointed. I have seen various reviews of this over the web and it looks considerably different on quite a few skin tones, indicating that it actually works. 

On my NC30 skin colour, this clear gels transforms magically to an intense fuchsia pink. I am happy to report however that it's quite soft, subtle and buildable in the sense that it does not shock you with artificially hot pink cheeks in just on go.

It's buildable and the intensity of colour primarily depends on how much product you apply directly to your cheeks. I recommend taking less than a pea sized amount at a time.

The end result is gorgeously flushed cheeks as if you've just come back from the cold. What's also remarkable is its texture which is undetectable on the skin - simply visible in the form of pigments showing through. The quality of a great blusher in my books.

I like how the gel after absorbing into the skin sets to a naturally matte, almost velvety to touch finish. My only problem with such products is that I use them up quite quickly and this 15ml tube would be gone in a few months. Retails for £21 at smashobox.co.uk and they always tempt us with free delivery and a deluxe sample on purchase.


Stocking Filler of the day: Japonesque touch up tube

We're that close to Christmas now aren't we? It's almost unbelievable :)

Thought I'd show you another super cute yet usable stocking filler idea for someone who is starting with make-up or likes to travel. These travel friendly, short handle brushes by Japonesque look absolutely gorgeous in their black and glossy pink colour scheme. The brushes are of course not as soft as a full sized MAC brush for obvious reasons but they aren't unusable as well.

Talking about the efficiency of the brushes, I like that there's a good mix of a big concealer brush, a lip brush, two eye shadow brushes and a powder brush.

If you can apply Foundation with your fingers, the rest of the brushes should be more than enough to make up the whole face. Absolutely ingenious to keep in your bag for touch ups at school or work and of course a great item of convenience whilst travelling!

However, I feel the USP of this touch up tube is the fact that everything fits so compactly into this skinny tube that's only as big as a MAC Powder Brush.

The slick glossy pink tube is a cherry on the cake.

An American brand I believe, you can also find Japonesque in the UK at Boots and particularly this touch up tube at HQ Hair.com for around £16.


Bath & Body Weekly Favourites

Loving the combination of two very gorgeous bath & both products recently so thought they deserved a post of their own.

First up in natural order of use is the Blanc Bath Oil by The White Company. Besides the fact that the bottle is not travel friendly and the lid pops open quite easily even if not intended, the scent can be smelt just by opening the lid of the bottle.

It's the most deliciously crisp floral scent I have come across till date. It's not sickly but rather a modernly mature scent I would say. The scent is quite strong from the bottle but becomes dreamy and subtle when poured in the bath. Because it smells so lovely and is very moisturising, I sometimes use it as a Body Oil and love it for that purpose as well. 200ml for £28 is not bad and should last a couple of months.

If you have a chic bathroom and love your bows and classy bottles, you'll dig this one!

Another favourite of mine after stepping out from a bath looking all pruny is the Creme de corps by Kiehls. The cartoonish print on the bottle is by Kenny Scharf as the brand is working with children's charity where proceeds will benefit 40 countries around the world. A guilt free way to indulge in luxury, this would make a cool present especially due to its funky print.

It has no smell of any sorts in my opinion. Just a lavish texture that feels extremely rich when in contact with skin. I prefer to rub it into the skin as it helps the thick concoction sink in and last the entire night. If you have trouble finding a rich body lotion this winter that doesn't need reapplying often, then you'll love this simple yet effective product. 250ml retailing for £27 is a bargain considering the bottle is huge and you only need a squirt or two to cover a large area.

I am slowing yet steadily getting into luxury bath and body products which were never really my thing previously. I guess when you see the difference they make to the skin particularly in this harsh weather, it's well worth the splurge. 


Soap & Glory Perfect Manicure Kit

We all know how hands show the first signs of ageing but it does not change the fact that we still ignore them the most. Who uses a hand cream regularly? I slap on my body cream (aren't hands included IN the body?) on my hands occasionally when the skin there is parched. But just like the body, it's important to never let them reach the level of being parched without hydration and keeping them moisturised and glowing regularly. 

I think with me it's because I change hand creams quite often and once I finish one, I don't bother to repurchase it or usually forget it in the long list of skin care purchases I have any way. Hand Food by Soap & Glory is different and you'll hear everyone who's tried this beaut till date tell you exactly the same thing. 

Besides the fact that it smells rather delicious (of sweets & bakery imo!) and cheers me up in this absolutely gloomy season we have here in London, it is intensely hydrating, absorbs so well without leaving that icky feeling of washing hands immediately and leaves hands glowing and dewy, basically looking well fed and younger. 

What's even more amazing is that Soap & Glory have a gift set called the Perfect Manicure Kit that it is a part of alongside its partner in crime, the Hand Mask, which you have to leave on overnight with the provided cotton gloves. If you are fidgety, restless person during the day, it's a great way to let your hands absorb the product whilst you have your beauty sleep. 

The retro pink packaging is gorgeous not only as a Christmas present for a girly girl but also a great keepsake box for storing jewellery, nail paints or what ever catches your fancy. The super packed, full size products also impress me for the price of the entire kit which is £16.

You have to try out S & G's hand products if you haven't yet. I have some of their make-up and body care products and they do absolutely nothing that I do no like. If you have favourites, let me know below!


Sponsored Video: Boots Christmas TV advert 2012: Let's feel good

I don’t know about you but adverts surely cheer me up and put me in a Christmas mood instantly! Especially the latest one from Boots this year that has been doing the television rounds recently has quickly become a favourite!

Of course there’s an Elton John song playing in the backdrop, cozy homes, family gatherings and the Christmas tree that sets the right tone.  But more importantly, I think it’s the use of real life people for the first time in a Boot’s advert that makes it so warm and real, as if you have actually seen such scenarios happen in your home as well.

The chemistry between the couple trying out the fragrance or the little girl and the granddad is heart warming and absolutely adorable to watch over and over again. Nonetheless, the star of the show is Bandit the dog of course who with or without the ‘grooming’ is to die for.

It’s seems almost common sense to keep on giving presents that accentuate the feel good factor and don’t have a shelf life but rather have a thought or an intention behind them. I cannot tell you the number of times I have received thoughtless presents however that just don’t make sense!

Let’s learn a little from the advert and give presents that keep on giving. It can be something quirky, edgy or totally unexpected as Boots literally do a tonne of different gift sets even under the £10 tag if you’re on a tight budget. But whatever you decide to gift, have a cute intention behind it, plan it a few days in advance to give it some thought, browse between lunch breaks or after work or pick out travel sized items from Boots and make a customised gift set if you will and it’ll  automatically appear more lovable.

*Article sponsored by Boots

GOSH AW12 Neutral Nails

We all love nail paints and that's a feminine fact. It's that one thing that can spice up any outfit or cheer up the gloomiest of moods. I find it a great way to express my alter ego hence my nail varnish wardrobe of sky blues and bright oranges. But I do have a soft spot for warm, comforting colours that are chic and wearable without much thought.

I don't believe there exists anything like 'office friendly' shades unless you're a Lawyer or a Doctor of course. However if you do work in the corporate environment, it's always good to have a few reliable shades that you can fall back on if you don't like bare nails.

I personally have fewer favourites when it comes to good quality, neutral polishes such as Topshop. The one that comes to my mind now is the high street brand GOSH. They usually have an impeccable variety of neutrals that are not blah or meh at all. My two favourites from their A/W shades right now are 'Lazy Green' and 'With a Twist'.

Not only are they delicious glossy neutrals but come with a foolproof, thin yet opaque and fast drying formula. Of course a good coat of seche vite on top ensures longevity and prevents bed nails if you're always in a hurry like myself. But compared to the rest of nail paints I have tried till date, GOSH does one of the best formula out there.

For £4.99 a pop, I'd highly recommend them if you like shades that reflect the season than contrast with it. I personally have no rules when it comes to sporting colour on the nails but I am sucker for neutrals and I know many of you are as well so if you have recommendations, pop them in the comments below!