Organic Surge Winter Wonder Bundle

Can you believe this generous bundle retails for £30? I may sound cheesy but price is sometimes a deciding factor when I am buying presents. Especially at this time of the year when there are so many gorgeous things around that you might like to buy for yourself, it is wise to save up on presents for others. It's even better when such reasonably priced gift sets look expensive!

Housed in a pretty purple gift bag when bought from the Organic Surge website, the Winter Wonder Bundle has abundant treats to prep your body and hair for Christmas. We spend hours on skin care for the face so this is a nice reminder that body and hair should not be ignored.

Including a Shower Gel, Foaming Bath, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner and a Face Moisturiser, it's like a huge festive treat for the body in much need for some TLC.

All the products smell great, in particular the Spiced Lily Foaming Bath which is warm and comforting and the Sugared Almond Shower Gel that's sweet and cosy. The Shampoo and Conditioners are all natural and organic as the name of the brand suggests hence great for a sensitive scalp or very dry skin around the area.

I have been a fan of the Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser by Organic Surge since months now so I was more than happy to find it in the set. It's like skin food for your face in the winter!



Stocking filler of the day: This Works 'Dream Team'

How adorable is the name Dream Team?

Even more adorable is the uber cute packaging that houses two tiny yet ingenious products that no one can say they do not need or will not get use out of. Why? 

1. Because they help you sleep well
2. Because they help you stress less


The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is something so cool that you can literally spray onto your pillow case without the worry of it staining it. I don't use any pillows to sleep on (weird but true!) hence I like to generously coat my side of the bed sheet with this product a few minutes before I am off to sleep. I love how I can smell this quite strongly due to the proximity at which it is sprayed and it works wonders at helping you sleep easily especially if you have problems sleeping. 

The Deep Sleep Stress Less on the other hand is a roll on product that goes over wrists or a tissue which you then have to inhale if you're feeling stressed. I like to pop it onto my wrist, collar bone, neck and temples just like you'd do with a perfume, when I have few minutes spare and aroma automatically spreads in the atmosphere around you. This smells particularly delightful and is much stronger compared to the one above. 

Both the products are made up of similar ingredients such as Lavender Oil, Patchouli and Eucalyptus which are usually pretty helpful in getting rid of a cold or a headache and work just as well at providing a relaxed and calm state of mind.

It would make a thoughtful present for someone who you know is a busy bee and is usually tearing their brain apart from stress. Available for £10 at ThisWorks.

November Glossybox: The Stocking Filler Edition

Can someone help me out as to how November's Glossybox would make a stocking filler special? Anyone?

I personally loved to receive two full sized products here that I'll actually use. Especially the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which I have been wanting to purchase since years. However the rest of the teency products are a bit of a disappointment as not only are they too dinky to make a decision to purchase but how is anti-ageing skin care and a boring french manicure glossy coat be inspirational for stocking filler ideas let alone pressies? 

Having a look at their website however gave me an indication that many other Glossy boxes this month had received fun nail paint shades, Dr Jart BB cream, a Burberry product (a fragrance I believe) and some other exciting skin care and would not have any reason to complain.

So the idea of pick and mix is what I am complaining about. Exciting products such as Burberry and Dr Jart should have been in every single box as those would make fab presents as well for someone. The anti-ageing skincare is just drab and depressing. The Microfoliant and Body Butter are useful and great quality products honestly but seem out of place in a pre-Christmas box in my opinion. 

Tell me if you got anything exciting in your November Glossybox? 


Dove 'Creme Mousse' Body Wash

Regardless of this new edition to my bath products, I have always been a huge fan of Dove Body Washes in general. They are intensely creamy and leave skin silky smooth, not to forget delicious smelling as well.

They have introduced a new variant of their Body Wash for the winter namely the 'Creme Mousse' which claims to deliver visible skin improvement in regards to hydration.

Apparently it contains Nutrium Moisture technology that will replenish lost lipids and protein from the skin and replenish it to the optimum level so skin feels naturally healthy, hydrated and consequently glowing! It is substantially more hydrating than Dove's usual body washes is what I found upon use.

I believe the USP of the product is its deliciously whipped, thick mousse like texture that makes is a lush alternative to its counterparts. It's pretty much like using a body butter for taking a shower as it forms a protective layer on the skin when coming in contact with water, making it a lovely consistency for shaving. 

I am not sure about skin showing drastic improvement in moisture retaining capacities but I am waiting to see those results soon. For now, it leaves skin silky smooth and not taut, scaly and craving for moisture when out of the shower - so pretty good compared to the usual drug store shower gels and for around £3, it won't even break the bank.


Illamasqua's Christmas Campaign: Racist or Artistic?

Being an immensely huge fan of Illamasqua as a brand, I had to put forward their Christmas Campaign imagery which is apparently deemed to be discriminatory or racist by a few out there, especially the image in black. Now I have no idea of what was said regarding it but I just wanted to show my support to the brand who I have known closely since the past 2 years (or more!) I believe and have spoken to so many people who are responsible for creating the brand through blogger events and all that sort of stuff.

The only vibe I ever got from Illamasqua was that of passionate expression of art and just that. Every single person working for the brand seems to be clinging on to the brands ethics so tight and actually believing in what they preach that is beauty without any barriers. I always find the brand very warm, caring and catering for people of all caste and creed. In fact one of the very few brands out there who use a variety of models from different ethnicity's in their campaigns, especially the Generation Q one. So when the brand says they had nothing regarding skin colour in mind when creating these images, I believe them 100%.

However, I do agree to an extent that it might remind people of blackface - a form of make-up used in minstrel shows in the 19th century. Also, I do like the peach cheeks in the black imagery but the peach lips are not very attractive. They could have been painted a sexy hot pink or a fun electric blue to amp up the creative quotient and receive fewer complaints consequently. Besides, the suits could have been replaced by something more edgy rather than something that might remind people of the past but that's just my personal opinion.

Of course Illamasqua is clear on intent in this campaign. The issue is not that at all. I think what people are questioning is Illamasqua's artistic taste which they find is not particularly matching up to their previous campaigns. I believe they could have played safe but because creating a stereotype was never on their mind in the first place, they didn't give it a second thought before bringing it out in full form.

Ending with Illamasqua's statement in response to the negative comments, let me know what you think of the images above? 

"We thank and acknowledge your comments regarding the Christmas imagery. Obviously it was never our intention to cause offence; Illamasqua has always celebrated the right to self-expression and we continually push creative and artistic boundaries,
 priding ourselves on working with models of many ethnic backgrounds to reinforce this point. We emphasise that this campaign is about colour ON the skin, not colour OF the skin, depicting polarity between the two images (both images are the same model) not race. "

Stocking filler of the day: L'Occitane 'Marvellous Flowers' Roll-On EDT

You really cannot go wrong with gifting someone a Fragrance for Christmas. Why? Because who doesn't like smelling good and secondly when it's from L'Occitane, it's automatically more delicious and beautifully packaged to gear that excitement.

Due to its fun size, I thought this Roll-on EDT of L'Occitane's latest fragrance 'Marvellous Flowers' would be the perfect stocking filler for someone on a budget who doesn't want to fork out for a full size perfume but still wants to invest in a charming present.

The scent of it is primarily fruity, mildly flowery and very subtly musky and woody, mostly in the dry down part. It's a typical girly-girl fragrance without being sickly sweet.

I adore it's balanced mix of fruity and flowery notes dominated by red berries, pink grapefruit, rose and peony, which keep it soft yet fun and fresh at the same time. The added touch of white musk surely helps in toning down the sweetness by a notch or two. 

I personally am a fan of such vintage inspired glass packaging with a gold lid and the whole idea of delicately applying scent to chosen areas such as the wrist, collarbone and the neck is such a ritual in its own. A great addition to the hand bag and a reasonably lush stocking filler for under £15 I would say!


Sleek Sparkle 2 Madness!

Sleek is back with a bang with it's festive favourite Sparkle 2 iDivine Eye Shadow Palette. I honestly loved the original Sparkle palette. Not because of its shades which were mostly dark, smokey and blue but due to the very beautiful glitter packed into them which makes all the shades a stunner to use solely on their own. You really don't need excessive blending and MUA skills when using these on occasions.

The Sparkle 2 Palette, planned to launch on 5th December, just in time for the party season is a huge contrast  from its predecessor regarding the variety of shades available in the palette, in a positive way of course. I love the array of deep autumnal shades in here, with a few warm toned light shades for brightening and lightening.                                                                        

Don't be deceived by the palettes overtly colourful appearance or the random placement of contrasting shades as the colours are actually quite wearable, feminine and modern with truck loads of silver and gold shimmer showered through it.

As expected, there is abundant fall out where these is glitter but nevertheless, the end result is gorgeous as the glitter sparkles through like 'diamonds in the sky'. Cheesy but true!

There are a few shimmery, unique duo chrome shades too for the girls amongst you who don't like sparkle (do you exist?).

An unproductive afternoon called for a few random looks using the Sparkle 2 palette just to show you how a few shades look like in action. Excuse or embrace the bird (a nail sticker!) based on your personal preferences. It's freaky yet oddly beautiful in my opinion!
Of course, how could we do without a typical purple-gold eye for Christmas! It looked much better in real as the camera simply kept catching the wrong colour. Regardless of the sparkle or not, the quality of the eye shadows are great and a dream to blend.
Available on Sleek Make-Up's website and Superdrug stores, will you be picking up this palette for your festive looks?


Sponsored Video: Asos and Azealia Banks -Fierce

I could not see a better platform for the New York based rapper to preview her engaging and captivating song 'Fierce' from her latest album 'Fantasea' other than the online shopping portal ASOS, which reveals a party collection inspired by the singer. 

21 year old Azealia is quite a fashionista herself and has a uniquely quirky sense of style that's young, daring, grungy and rock star like as opposed to in your face feminine and pretty. She's quite a dynamic star and is not afraid to speak out her mind, with reference to her latest tweet where she criticised a Dolce & Gabbana collection for being arguably racist. 

I feel the ASOS party collection inspired by her style is also just as dynamic as the young star albeit quite wearable and tom boyish. My favourite from the collection being the Baroque Chain Print Pencil Skirt and the Black Studded Boots. 

Be it the jewel embellishments, the foil prints or the use of leather and velvet almost abruptly, the collection's quite sexy meets rock chic - almost effortless and fashion forward at the same time. I quite like the slept-in, worn out look and feel of the collection with the unusual combinations of prints and textures and Azealia pulls it off like a pro in the video below. 

Her gorgeous purple Rapunzel locks, the glittery eye lashes and that scrumptious, midnight violet lippy she's rocking compliments the clothes so well. Oh and that multi-coloured fur coat she's wearing is simply to die for! It's slightly overboard yet something I would totally wear for a night out or a Christmas party in the evening. The collection's reasonably priced and seems perfect for someone who's tired of dainty, frilly dresses dominating shop floors this season. 

*Article sponsored by ASOS