Sheet Masks by Masker Aide

This is the ultimate season for sheet masks I tell you. At first when I used to see some You Tube gurus wearing it in their videos, I seriously thought they looked freaky and it was an impractical idea. I am still adamant on it looking freaky part when on but impractical, I highly disagree. 

They are absolutely a life saviour if you're on a holiday, had a bad day at work, have been crying, need to prep your skin for an event, haven't had enough sleep and the list of it's situational uses are endless. I particularly love the Beauty Restore and the Weather Warrior one as they are intensely hydrating and leave the skin dramatically better looking and radiant. 

Masker Aide Sheet Masks claim to be paraben free and eco-friendly. How I found them different from the usual masks that come in a bottle is that you are likely to keep these on for longer as they are so relaxing, you almost fall asleep. Somehow it also has a cooling effect on the skin, regardless of which type of mask you're using hence enhancing the DIY at home spa like experience. 

Also, the product that comes along in one sheet mask is quite a lot for one time use which means you get to massage the remaining product as a serum into the skin after washing it off. It's full value for money considering it retails at $4.99 per mask.

To make a purchase or to check availability near you, visit www.maskeraide.com.


Dirty Works Fragranced Spritzers

This makes an unbeatable stocking filler for Christmas for under £10, especially if you're on a budget or want to give something cute, quirky yet usable to a younger cousin or a niece in her teens. Having said that, I have one of the spritzers from the set lying in my bag (and I'm defo not in my teens!) as it's ingenious for topping up your scent during the day if you don't want to carry a heavy, glass bottle of your signature scent with you.

The scent is a common one, albeit a pleasant fruity, floral fragrance that dries down warm and woody. In my opinion, it's the ability to carry a mini perfume tube with me that's the USP of this set than the actual notes of the fragrance itself. Oh and also the fact that the set's cheaper than having breakfast at Starbucks at an incredible £6!

I wished Dirty Works had included different variants of the fragrance in the set instead of all three being the same kind. This way I had to split it between my mum and my sister who were greedily hawking it. Ramblings aside, fragrance is something that is universally loved so if you're looking for an inexpensive Christmas present or a stocking filler, head over to Dirty Works which can be found at Sainsburys.


Liz Earle Advent Calender

You know what would make the perfect Christmas present? Liz Earle's Advent Calender! Why? Because I simply cannot find a single fault with it.

Yes it retails for a whopping £100 which I do find a tad bit pricey considering that some products inside are too tiny to get much use out of. Nevertheless, a majority of the 24 products are generously packed and would make great travel sized items or for someone to try the entire range before choosing their favourites for a repurchase.

The packaging of course is a stunner and will leave the receiver gobsmacked for sure.

Now I have seen advent calenders from other skincare brands as well but there's something about this particular one that makes it uber exciting. It can be the fact that hundreds of thousands of customers trust wholeheartedly in Liz Earle's products and to see it all packed in one box is inevitably tempting.

As you can see, I couldn't wait till the 1st of December and opened all the doors already to check what's inside. If I am correct, there's the entire range there as I couldn't spot what's missing besides their cosmetic range, which I again thought would make an unbeatable advent calender. Next year Liz, pretty please!

I generally have a few Liz Earle products that I use in my skincare currently, in particular the special edition Hot Cloth Cleanser so this was a great way to remind me of my absolute favourites that I had ran out of and needed to repurchase such as the Superskin Concentrate, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the best of them all, Eye Bright.

A lot of hard work has been put into creating this advent calender in time for Christmas and every bit of the toiling can be evidently seen in the final product.

It would make a fabulous present for anyone who loves their skincare a bit too much and someone's who extra special to you. If it's for your mum, why not chip in with your siblings and get her something like this? That's what me and my sister do most of the times and trust me its full value for money when you see that 100 watt smile.


Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

I promise this is the last BB cream I feature on this blog. Okay I am lying already. I have another one that I am trying out waiting to be reviewed hah.

What I can however promise for sure is that this is the most authentic BB cream I have come across especially in the UK. It's quite like the original ones that started the trend in Asia a few years ago.

It's ridiculously pale to be a one size fit all but I like how it quite shamelessly does that without bringing out a few more shades to please the audience and compromising with its originality.

On my NC30 skin tone however, it's vampire pale shade when initially applied but give it a few seconds and it adapts to my skin colour pretty much, just making it look pleasantly fairer and bright. I can't guarantee if it would have the same effect on women of colour or those deeper than NC30 and I say that due to its grey undertone which can appear ashy at times.

What I do love about it is its super thin formula but high coverage and only a pea sized amount that covers the entire face, which means superb value for money. 

It's not thick, sticky or tacky feeling on the skin. Just nicely dewy from all angles, providing an ageless effect and enhancing the appearance of skin's suppleness and elasticity. 

I can see this being highly appropriate for paler skin ladies who have trouble finding a good everyday foundation. Forty plus ladies should enjoy it was well as it blurs fine lines and imperfections, giving the illusion of younger, healthy looking skin. 

It's an award winning product and I can see why as a number of factors work in its favour to make it the perfect concoction that would be universally liked. Keeping in mind it's very reasonable price tag, I shall surely be repurchasing it.

I can see it being a staple for the holidays when I want something with medium coverage, that lasts without touch ups, doesn't end up in a hot cakey mess and imparts radiance and this is exactly that low maintenance product.


Sisley Phyto Blush Eclat 'Pinky Rose'

I really cannot blame you for drooling at the packaging as it is effortlessly fun, sophisticated, fashionable and chic at the same time.

Sisley always gets its spot on in packaging. I have their face powder with a leopard/cheetah inspired packaging and it always gets stares when I pop it out for touch ups. What's great is that they exactly know how to use animal prints in a classy manner as many brands get it wrong till date.

Getting over the packaging, I believe the Phyto Eclat Blush is available in 5 shades in total. This particular one in my possession is called 'Pinky Rose'. I quite like it as I hardly lean to corals or browns and pink is my colour of choice for the cheeks.

It contains a baby pink and a fuchsia pink, both of which can be used together or the darker as the contour behind the cheekbone and the lighter as a highlighter or on the apples of the cheeks. I personally like to use them swirled together for an angelic glow.

I call it angelic as its translucent, soft focus formula doesn't mask the skin or appear cakey. The finish is quite like the natural glow on the cheeks, semi matte with bit of radiance, mimicking healthy skin. The bright pink, slightly blue toned flush is exactly what I like in the winter rather than dull or barbie pinks.

It stays put for quite a long time on the skin before it fades after a full working day. Of course it goes without saying that it's a staple in my make-up bag that I carry with me on the go, in case I need to show it off and provoke jealousy touch up during the day.

There's more to the case than it looking pretty as it is quite sturdy and travel friendly if you are wondering and comes with a dinky brush that's actually usable.

If you are looking for a foolproof, sheer, interesting pink high-end blush to add to your collection, do give this a try.



Neom Home Scenting Gift Set

Neom has three very gorgeously packed gift sets this Christmas, with the Home Scenting one being my ultimate favourite. I felt it is the most well comprised of all the three, with a good balance of varied products such as their popular travel sized candle in Moroccan Rose, a gorgeous Reed Diffuser in Happiness and a refreshing Pillow Mist in Tranquillity, which I also like to use for my bedroom and bath time.

Another interesting thing about this cleverly formed gift set is how it has a variety of Neom's signature scents to try out if you haven't previously done so. Having a miniature experience with all three would give the receiver a fairly good idea as to what they further want to indulge into as with Neom, it's all about finding one's signature scent that strikes the right chord with you.

For instance, my absolute favourite Neom scent so far remains Complete Bliss: Moroccan Rose. It's quite nice how the products contain scents including a sweet, rosy one (Moroccan Rose), a smoky floral one(Tranquillity) and a fresh, fruity one(Happiness) to strike the perfect atmospheric balance at home.

Considering how the retail price of these products if bought individually is steep on its own, it immediately makes this gift set for £50 seem like a reasonably indulgent treat for the elegant lady in your family or friends who likes a bit of opulent home decor or perhaps as a decadent present for yourself!


Beauty Favourites: October/November

So I have more or less been loving the same things when it came to make-up this month. I found they worked well at getting me gradually into the colder season without looking over the top. Plus I have to mention how great they are at creating a 5 minute face if you are in a hurry. Trust me, it's invaluable when you find such foolproof staples that you know you can surely rely on without making a blunder.

I have raved about the Cover FX Cream Foundation before so you can my detailed post about it on the blog. The Smashbox Photo Set Finishing power has been a favourite as I like to wear my dewy/glowy foundations in the winter as well but want to set it for a matte finish so it doesn't budge and this gives it such an airbrushed finish and a soft focus effect. For £18, it's worth every single penny!

Smashbox has been dominating my favourites as you can tell and its Brow Tech To Go Eye Brow pen is no exception. It's pretty much like the super expensive Tom Ford one with the angled wax pencil. Along with being waterproof and lasting throughout the day, it's so subtle and you cannot go wrong with it even if you're heavy handed. It gives the brows a naturally full appearance without looking sketched it. I think a picture review should follow!

Illamasqua's Blush in Naked Rose and Clinique's Chubby Stick in Voluptuous Violet still continue to provide a pop of colour on my face without fail. 

A special mention goes out to Clinique's Quickliner Intense in Intense Chocolate. It's a a rich, warm brown with gorgeous little golden shimmer particles shot through it generously but minus the fall out. 

Of course it makes a great eye liner for the lash line and the water line but I use it for a quick eye shadow look by coating it generously around the upper lashline and then blending it with a smudge brush upwards to fade it gradually. It looks so pretty, chic and effortless.