Christmas with Boots!

I am not sure about you but I surely do wait for adverts to come through during the festive season. They're usually just so cute and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside however clich├ęd that sounds. If you are a regular reader, you might also be aware of the fact that I am obsessed with tele adverts and have been since I was a kid, with my dad taping ads for me on a video tape (good old times!) for whenever I got bored.

Boots do unique Christmasy ads each year with their last year one being my absolute favourite! I like how they make normal people relate to the real life scenarios depicted in it without pushy sales and commercial advertising. 

Before moving on to the advert, I had to show you these gorgeous goodies I have from Boots which would make superb presents. 

The Ted Baker gift set is so pretty both in its purple coloured case and packaging. I love it when presents come gift wrapped as it saves so much hassle. It comes with four sheer lipsticks inside which resemble Clinique Chubby Sticks to quite an extent. Regardless, the shades are festive, subtle, moisturising yet wearable with a hint of shimmer shot through two of them for that glam factor. I can see any girly girl squealing with joy at the sight of this as a present!

Another gorgeous gift set from Boots is by FCUK, containing a coin purse/mini wallet, a nail varnish and a lip gloss. The nail varnish is a Christmasy classic red, one that will not fail to compliment any outfit or occasion, along with a dusky mauve lip gloss with shimmer dashed through it.

The coin purse is undoubtedly my favourite from this set as it's so spacious, chic and useful when you don't want to carry your wallet to places and just want to cram in some change and a few notes. I would definitely take it to my next holiday where I don't want to carry credit cards and all that jazz.

And finally, here's the Boots Christmas advert for 2012 that shall be revealed further in extension of these scenarios gradually by Boots, so be sure to check their Facebook page where they constantly update.

This has made me want to go to their website and select a few presents for friends and family and see what's there on offer. Where do you usually shop for Christmas pressies?

My favourite Hydrating Face Wash

Winter equals time to chuck away those moisture stripping, blackhead blocking, oil balancing face washes at the very end of the vanity and switching them for more nurturing, skin feeding and repairing ones that comfort, heal and calm the skin from all things sharp and chilly the wind pushes at our faces throughout these months.

Regardless of brands, I tend to opt for more creamy, foam based, mousse like formula's rather than gels as they instantly feel nourishing, not to forget quite luxurious to lather up. As can be very clearly seen, hot cloth cleansers seem to be a favourite of mine especially during the colder months as they are the most hydrating formula you can find in the market when it comes to a face wash.

Of course I love my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish truck loads but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, No 7's Hot Cloth Cleanser and more so Superdrug's Vitamin E range have fabulous ones too that work just as well. It goes without saying that they make superb evening cleansers too when used with a muslin cloth.

The Barefoot Rosafina Creamy Face Wash is a gem of a product as it is organic and naturally sourced I believe and caters for sensitive skin with eczema and rosacea which is a great plus! It smells delish and contains rose oil as its main ingredient. The effects are calming, refreshing yet nourishing and it's also meant to gently tone and exfoliate. It's the most hydrating of them all in my opinion and perfect for very dry skin.

If you don't want to fork out a tenner but still want to shake up your skincare routine to cater for the season, I'd recommend Amie's Morning Clear Purifying Face Wash as it contains natural sugars, cocoa butter and almond oil to provide skin with the moisture it has lost during the day (damn you heaters!). With a nice thick and creamy formula, this PH balanced face wash will work well with normal-combination-oily skin types that still want to subtly hydrate their skin in the winter.

If you have any favourites, let me know in the comments below!


Christmas goodies from NEXT

Its really difficult to pick out a few good things from a tonne of new offerings from brands at Christmas. I quite like what NEXT has to offer this year as it's not solely relying on festive packaging but the products are rather substantially good in quality at a price that's reasonably low for how sophisticated they look. Isn't that what all brands should try to achieve?

First up is the Eau De Parfum in 'New York' which is from their City Collection I believe. As expected, scents inspired from the big apple are crisp, fresh and inspiring. At my very first sniff, I couldn't help but exclaim how similar it is to Liz Earle's No1 Fragrance, just not as heady and sharp.

It's a much toned down version of it, more wearable and something that will easily appeal to those who like orange blossom scents that are clean yet slightly florally  with a cosy warm dry down.  It's rather gorgeous for the Winter and quite a change from the overtly sweet and musky scents that are out there this time of the year.
The Sugar Body Scrub from their SPA range is rather relaxing and calming with a herbal like scent and feel to it. Lavender, Geranium and Eucalyptus make is scrumptiously rejuvenating to the senses and much like aromatherapy and being in a Spa.

I usually don't expect much from Body Scrubs but this is an experience on its own with its lush heavy glass jar, golden lava like product that not only hydrates skin well buffing away the wear and tear but leaves it covered in a sheer sun kissed veil of golden shimmer. Would make a great present for someone who likes indulging in bath & body products.

A cheerful and chirpy scent, the Milan Reed Diffuser consists of primarily fruity notes (think DKNY's Apple fragrances!) dominating it alongside a kick of floral notes shot through it. I like how the glass bottle is simple and classy making it perfect for the sitting room or bedroom.

As you guys already know, I love my Reed Diffusers and this is no different. They scent the room they're placed in for months without needing a refill, are safe around kids and when left alone, great alternative to scented candles and room sprays and a few sticks placed in the wardrobe will make your clothes smell delish!

Available to purchase from www.next.co.uk surely do check out their Christmas offerings as they are great quality and good looking without making a hole in the wallet. Sounds like an advert for a girl friend doesn't it?



Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation *newly formulated*

Just a heads up that a majority of the Cover FX range, especially the base products such as Foundations, Concealers and Powders have been reformulated by the person involved with MAC cosmetics at providing us with excellent quality base products. 

I personally have never got along with MAC Foundations. Their Concealers however are my first love. Cover FX Cream Foundation on the other hand due to its fuss free formulation, suitability for sensitive skin type, free of mineral oil, fragrance and parabens, has never broken me out and has been my cult favourite since the past few months. 

It's available in a whopping 28 shades now, catering equally for pink, neutral and golden undertones that you can choose from and the lower the number, the lighter the shade. I am G50 in it at present, which albeit slightly warm and tanned for me is a perfect NC30, with golden undertones hence the 'G' before the 50.

I find that choosing warmer shades really accentuates Asian skintones and make them appear brighter and less dull, working more effectively with uneven pigmentation and dark circles. I use this around my mouth and under the eyes as a concealer at times when I'm in a hurry and it works fantastically at it. 

The coverage is absolutely the fullest I have tried till date from any Cream Foundation. Surprisingly however, it's so comfortable to wear and light on the skin. It's all in the formula in my opinion as it's almost like a non-sticky gel. It's neither creamy nor dry, just in the middle. The coverage is buildable which means it allows you to look airbrushed for occasions. 

I have used this on two of my holidays now and it works well in all temperatures be it humid, hot or chilly. It dries to a slightly dewy finish, like you have a nice post-facial glow but can easily be tamed down with any powder. I personally grab this when I have two minutes to make up my face and nothing can beat this in that. 

I highly recommend you check this out if you are looking for a good cream foundation this winter. Albeit slightly pricey, it doesn't get used up quickly like MAC's Studio Tech and will last you for months. 

Available at House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols for £37. 


Sponsored Video: Charlotte Free and ASOS

ASOS have come up with a Christmas collection featuring Charlotte Free, the pink haired beauty, who has captured the attention of everyone with her platinum mane with a highlighter pink ombre and has transformed the runway into a democratic platform. It's always amazing to see models with a sense of fashion of their own and those that are not afraid to flaunt their personal style even on the ramp. I think it works for her as it makes her face more memorable than a tonne of models that just pass by without us recognising them.

I love that ASOS has used a fairly young American model as Charlotte and taken inspiration from her quirky style to create a festive, party season collection for Christmas that shall greet us very soon. I had a look at the collection just now and absolutely love how its playful, girly, quite teenage inspired yet full of sequins, metallic and glitter. It's surely not everyone's cup of tea but I can see quite a few girls who do not like the traditional elegant, sophisticated party pieces to find this right up their street. I am too chicken to quite frankly even sport this in the comfort of my home but I adore it for how beautifully bold and fresh it is.

Spotted in an arcade and launched on the catwalk does not seem to have changed Charlotte much as she still dyes her pink mane all by herself at home, which helps quite a few of us out there to relate to models like her much better.

For a chance to get a little more of the free spirited model, ASOS is giving away looks that she is sporting the video above. If you'd like to get your grubby little hands on a pair, pin the video using #BestNightEver and like ASOS on Facebook.

*Article sponsored by ASOS